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Coast and countryside car parks

Wooden building in the car park at Kynance Cove at Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall
Car park at Kynance Cove, Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall | © National Trust Images / John Millar

Most places with car parks are listed in the National Trust Handbook, and on the website and the mobile app. Here we've gathered together those that are off the beaten track – smaller, more secluded parking areas that lead to lesser-known stretches of coast or quiet countryside spots.

Some locations are listed below, complete with postcodes. For the rest, click through for full details of each region or country.


More car parks in Cornwall


More car parks in Devon


  • Cogden
    DT6 4RJ
  • Lambert's Castle
    DT6 6NN


  • Dover’s Hill
    GL55 6UW
  • May Hill
    GL17 ORG

Isle of Wight

More car parks in the Isle of Wight


  • Oldbury Hill
    TN15 0ET
  • One Tree Hill
    TN15 0SN
  • Toys Hill
    TN16 1QG

The Lakes

More car parks in The Lakes

Norfolk Coast and Broads

  • Stiffkey Saltmarshes
    NR23 1QE

Northern Ireland

More car parks in Northern Ireland

Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire

More car parks in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire


More car parks in Somerset


More car parks in Surrey


East Sussex

  • Crowlink
    BN20 0AY

West Sussex

  • Black Down
    GU27 3BJ
  • Lavington Common
    GU28 0QL
  • Woolbeding Countryside
    GU29 9RL

West Midlands

  • Comer Wood (Dudmaston)
    WV15 6QL
  • Hampton Loade (Dudmaston)
    WV15 6HD
  • Hawksmoor
    ST10 3AW
  • Sawmill (Dudmaston)
    WV15 6QW


More car parks in Wiltshire


More car parks in Wales

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