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Explore Botallack

A view down to the Botallack mines on the rocky coastline in springtime, Cornwall
The Botallack mines by the sea in springtime | © National Trust Images / Faye Rason

Explore the wild Tin Coast, part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site. See the iconic engine houses clinging to the cliff face, in a dramatic landscape transformed by its industrial past.

A historic landscape

Wander along the cliff tops and soak up the history of this dramatic industrial landscape. Botallack produced 14,500 tonnes of tin, 20,000 tonnes of copper ore and 1,500 tonnes of refined arsenic. It was a submarine mine, and its shafts reach 570m deep and extend nearly half a mile out to sea.

See the iconic chimneys and famed Crowns engine houses

The Crowns engine houses perch right on the edge of the cliff, with a position that has made them possibly the most photographed engine houses in the entire World Heritage Site. Botallack was one of the most populous mines in the area, and it was here that Cornish miners changed the world.

Step inside the count house and workshop

The count house was originally built as a mine office and was deliberately grander in style than other local buildings to promote confidence in the mine amongst prospective shareholders. Nearby were other buildings including a sawmill, carpenters' shop and smithy.

You can visit the count house workshop to find out more about the history of mining in the area. The count house has had many guises over the years from the 19th century mine office and stables to a 20th century folk club.

The abandoned mine engine house of West Wheal Owles, with the Crowns engine houses in the background, at Botallack on Tin Coast, Cornwall
Abandoned mine engine house of West Wheal Owles on the Tin Coast | © National Trust Images / Paul Barker

Take in the views

See the waves crashing against the cliffs below the Crowns engine houses, or the silhouette of the chimneys as the sun goes down over the sea.

The scenery around Botallack is spectacular and there are so many opportunities to get some fantastic photos. If you've got a picture you're really happy with, feel free to share it with us, we love seeing your work.

Look out to sea and on a clear day you can spot the Isles of Scilly lying 26 miles off Land's End. With a good pair of binoculars you can see individual islands and the turbine on St Mary’s.

Walk around Botallack

Stretch your legs and explore the Tin Coast. Walk through history as you wander between the pumping and engine houses of Wheal Owles and Wheal Edwards, past chimney stacks and the winding labyrinth of the arsenic tunnels along the coast path. Choose from three walking trails, or why not come back and complete them all?

A view of the ruined engine houses, Wheal Edward and Wheal Owles, in the distance, along the coastline at Botallack, Cornwall
The ruined engine houses along the Botallack coastline | © National Trust Images / John Miller

Spot seasonal wildlife

There’s plenty of wildlife to spot, from gannets plunging into the sea, to fulmars nesting near the Crowns cliffs and choughs calling to their mates as they swoop.

Hire a tramper

The Tin Coast is now more accessible than ever, with two all-terrain trampers available to hire from Botallack. They've been supplied by Heritage Ability, a Heritage Lottery funded project to make heritage sites more accessible. Find out more about how to book one in our access statement.

A view down to the Botallack mines on the rocky coastline in springtime, Cornwall

Discover more at Botallack

Find out how to get to Botallack, where to park, the things to see and do and more.

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The abandoned mine engine house of West Wheal Owles, with the Crowns engine houses in the background, at Botallack on Tin Coast, Cornwall

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