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Hiring mobility scooters at Pentire

A group, including a visitor using a Tramper mobility scooter, looking at the view of the Rumps at Pentire, Cornwall
Exploring Pentire coast on a Tramper | © National Trust Images/Paul Harris

If you find walking difficult you can still enjoy Pentire, thanks to the Tramper all-terrain mobility scooter that's available to hire. Available from the main visitor facilities at Pentireglaze, those with reduced mobility can explore the headland along designated Tramper routes while taking in glorious clifftop views. It’s been supplied by the not-for-profit initiative Countryside Mobility.

What is a Tramper?

The Tramper is an electric all-terrain mobility scooter designed specifically to cover rough ground and grass safely. It can go up and down slopes, over bumps and tree roots, through shallow puddles and across mud and soft ground.

Who can use it?

The Tramper can be used by anyone with reduced mobility. The scooter is easy to use, (so don’t worry if you’ve never used a mobility scooter before), and offers the chance to explore much of the headland.

With a top speed of four miles an hour it can keep pace with walking companions.

A group, with one using the Tramper mobility scooter, enjoying a visit to Pentire, Cornwall
A Tramper mobility scooter at Pentire | © National Trust Images/Paul Harris

Where can I go with the Tramper?

The visitor facilities at Pentireglaze - where the main car park, toilets and café are located - are wheelchair, buggy and mobility scooter-friendly.

This is where you can collect the Tramper and receive guidance on how to use it. There’s a restored orchard here, which has accessible paths and picnic tables.

Four Tramper routes

Three designated Tramper routes take you out onto the headland. They provide an opportunity to enjoy clifftop views of the Rumps and over Port Quin Bay towards Doyden Castle, with Tintagel in the distance.

A fourth route finishes at Pentireglaze Haven, (Baby Bay). These routes have been put in place after working with Countryside Mobility South West.

Changes to the routes

Pentire is a working farm so please be aware that not all routes may be available during your visit, due to livestock grazing.

We may also suggest avoiding certain paths after periods of very wet weather. National Trust staff will be on hand to offer clear guidance on the routes you may use and free maps are provided to assist you.

The Tramper mobility scooter being used at Pentire, Cornwall
Using the Tramper to explore the Pentire countryside | © National Trust Images/Paul Harris

How do I book the Tramper?

Booking is essential. We recommend you book well in advance, and ideally a minimum of three days before your planned visit. This is because they're popular and a trained member of staff must be present on the day of hire.

Please note, the Tramper is available most days when we have welcome staff; every day from Friday 15 March, 2024 (Friday to Sunday from November 2023, over the winter). To allow you plenty of time to explore the routes available, there can be one booking per day between 10:30am and 3pm.

However, please do cancel if you change your mind so someone else can use your slot.

Please email the team on to book the Tramper. Remember to include a telephone number and email address so we can confirm availability of the Tramper.

Tramper guidelines

Please allow 30 minutes to complete a short form and have an introduction to the Tramper controls. You'll have the chance to have a practise so you feel confident before setting out to explore the headland. You must be over 14 years old and under-18s will need a parent or guardian's permission.

Due to the current patchiness of mobile phone signal in the area, you must be accompanied by a walking companion when out on the Tramper and one of you must carry a working mobile phone in case of difficulties.

Countryside Mobility membership

For insurance purposes, you need to be a member of Countryside Mobility to hire a Tramper. You can choose from Annual (£15), 2 week ‘Taster’ (£5) or single use (£3) membership. If not already a member, you can sign up at Pentire on the day of your visit.

If you're already a Countryside Mobility member please bring your membership card on the day of hire.

You can also find out more about the conditions on the Countryside Mobility website.

Using the Tramper

On arriving at Pentireglaze, if not already a member of Countryside Mobility, you’ll be taken through the straightforward process of joining.

You’ll then be introduced to the Tramper controls by a trained member of staff and given the opportunity to practise. That way you'll feel confident that you can safely control the Tramper before setting off.

We look forward to welcoming you to Pentire.

View across the coastline from Port Quin near The Rumps at Pentire, Cornwall

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