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North Woolley Loop in spring
North Woolley Loop in spring | © Katy Anderson

North Woolley Loop

The North Woolley loop is a t new walk on the edge of the Arlington estate, which connects existing footpaths into a 3km circular route. It takes in views across the parkland and out over Exmoor, through woodland and wildflower grassland, past the historic gatehouse (Woolley Lodge) and through a tunnel. You can either park near the lodge or make it a longer walk by joining the route via the Centenary Walk.

Total steps: 8

Total steps: 8

Start point

Either at North Woolley , where parking can be found behind the North Woolley lodge, What 3 Words: suspect.somewhere.thirsty or by joining the route at via the Centenary path, from our main visitor entrance and car park.

Step 1

From the parking at North Woolley head down the track to the left into the woodland, keeping the yellow lodge to your left. Keep following the same track passed the gate and as it bends slightly to the left, you should pass a few signposts for the route as well as going through the original deer fence.

Step 2

Continue on the same track passed a post signed for the centenary route on your right, the track should swing to the left shortly after.

Step 3

Ahead of you, you should see a right-hand turn with a post directing you straight ahead for the North Woolley loop. Follow the signpost straight ahead. Shortly after you should come to a staggered crossroads with a post directing you straight ahead for the north Woolley loop. Keep following the track through an area of softwood plantation and back into broadleaf woodland.

Step 4

You will come up to a path off the main track to your left with a post directing you through a gate into a field recently planted with young trees. Follow the path with the young trees to your right uphill. You may enjoy the views behind you as you approach the top of the field.

Step 5

Head through the gate at the top of the field, there will be a post directing you straight ahead to a second post directing you to the left. Follow this path as it swings round to the right.

Step 6

Continue following the signposts through the fields until the path turns off to the left with another post directing you into the final field through a gate. Follow the path with the field boundary to your right before reaching another gate.

Step 7

Once through this gate the path swings to the right through another gate taking you through a tunnel.

Step 8

Once through the tunnel loop the path curves round to the right through the gate and up to the track you started on. Once on this track turn left and follow it back to where you parked your car, or right towards the Centenary path, if this is where you join the route.

End point

Back at the start of the route

Trail map

North Woolley Loop Map
North Woolley Loop Map | © North Woolley Loop Map

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