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Things to see and do at Plymbridge Woods

Two children walk down steps outside at Plymbridge Woods, Devon in the summer
Exploring Plymbridge Woods | © National Trust Images / John Millar

Plym valley is a 'bridge' between rugged, windswept moorland and the city of Plymouth and the coast. Discover what you can do on your visit.


The woods in the Plym Valley are a great place to visit at any time in any season. The trees are mostly hardwood such as oak, ash, beech and sycamore – not regimented conifer plantations – which creates a wonderful scene. At certain times of the year, the ground beneath is awash with carpets of wild flowers.


Plym valley is a 'bridge' between rugged, windswept moorland and the city of Plymouth and the coast. Ponies, sheep and cattle graze the heather-covered tors and walk amongst the Bronze Age stone rows.


The River Plym links the moor to the sea, changing daily from a shallow trickle to a raging torrent, depending on the amount of rain recently fallen on Dartmoor. Children can find quiet, sheltered spots to paddle or play Pooh sticks, whilst the rest of the family enjoy a picnic on the bank.


In some places the high valley sides form dramatic rocky outcrops, such as the Dewerstone which is famous for challenging rock-climbing routes. Other steep slopes are clothed in trees and are almost impossible to walk through. These areas are a haven for timid wildlife but offer great views if you can get to the top.

Someone riding a mountain bike off-road through the woods with the fields behind them
Off-road mountain biking through the woods | © National Trust Images / John Millar

Quarries and mines

Plymbridge Woods offers a great opportunity to see how nature has tamed the numerous industrial workings of recent centuries and returned the area to peace and tranquillity.

What's on?

Throughout the year there are several guided trails, from evening bird and bat walks to history walks that take you through Dartmoor's rich past.

Outdoor activities

From woodland and riverside walks to climbing rocks, there's something for everyone. In partnership with Sports England, Plymbridge Woods now offers exciting ways to get sporty.

There are two cycling trails to choose from: a moderate one suitable for cyclists with some off-road riding experience, or the difficult ride for proficient mountain bikers.

  • Blue grade (moderate); 2.0km (1.2 miles); 18 mins. This exciting trail explores the wooded slopes of Plymbridge Woods. There are a number of steep, technical climbs and descents, and a snaking single-track trail with features such as tight bermed corners.

  • Red grade (difficult); 1.5km (0.8 miles); 12 mins. A number of steep, technical climbs and descents, drop-offs, a snaking single-track trail and variations in the surface, including loose material.

Two visitors and their dog explore the riverside at Plymbridge Woods, Devon

Discover Plymbridge Woods

Find out how to get to Plymbridge Woods, where to park, the things to see and do and more.

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