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Better access to nature for everyone at Hinton Ampner

View of trees in the park taken from the house at Hinton Ampner, Hampshire
Views over the estate at Hinton Ampner | © National Trust Images/Stephen Robson

Reimagining a Hampshire Estate is a long-term project to expand Hinton Ampner and improve the parkland for wildlife, the environment and people. Visitors will be able to roam over a larger and more varied landscape, while a new trail, fewer fences and gates, and improved paths will make nature accessible to everyone.

Expanding and improving the parkland for visitors

In 2021, following the retirement of our tenant farmer, large parts of the estate farmland were returned to the National Trust. This will allow us to treble the accessible area of green space at Hinton. Around 75 more acres will become available to the public, with a total of 10 km of new paths through the estate.

We’ll create new woodlands, grasslands, scrub and wooded pasture that will give wildlife more places to thrive and visitors more space to roam and get close to nature.

Easier access

Hinton will become a larger and more open parkland, with fewer fences, improved paths and gates and new walking trails.

There will be benches alongside all the trails and, as the project progresses, we'll create an accessible route so that everyone can enjoy the estate.

The new public and permissive footpaths and bridleways will connect with national trails and long-distance paths so visitors can make Hinton part of a more ambitious adventure.

Learn as you roam

Not only will all trails be clearly signposted, there will also be information boards highlighting different habitats, plants and wildlife to look out for, as well as some of the work that's happening at Hinton.

Some panels will include QR codes, so visitors can use their smartphones to learn more about the estate and the project.

A happy spaniel walking with its owner on the grass at at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire
There are plenty of places for dogs to explore at Hinton Ampner | © National Trust / Annapurna Mellor


Cattle will be spread more widely around the estate, helping to maintain species-rich grassland habitats with their grazing.

However, most sections of National Trust walking routes will be fenced off from cattle and there will be areas where dogs can be off their leads.

There will be clear information explaining when dogs need to be on a lead.

A group of hikers exploring a hilly landscape on a sunny winter's day.

Find a walk

Discover some of the best places for walks, including ancient woodland, stretches of coast and green parkland.

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