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Walkers on farmland near Canons Ashby, Leicestershire
Walkers on farmland near Canons Ashby, Leicestershire | © National Trust
Leicestershire & Northamptonshire

Canons Ashby priory view walk

A pleasant countryside walk, over fields and through the charming village of Moreton Pinkney, with views of the 13th-century priory church St Mary's. Please note – some walks are largely on public land not owned or maintained by the National Trust. Landmarks, signage and other features may change and some parts may not be fully accessible after heavy rain or high winds.

Walk guidance due to be reviewed

Please note - this walk covers ground over public footpaths external to National Trust land which can sometimes be very muddy and overgrown in parts. Due to this and some of the way markers and route needing to be checked, it is advisable not to follow the current instructions for this walk. There are other walks linked from the main Canons Ashby website page which are more accessible.

Total steps: 8

Total steps: 8

Start point

Car park at Canons Ashby, grid ref SP577506

Step 1

From the main entrance to Canons Ashby House, carefully step over the iron chain and walk a few steps to your left. Look out for traffic as you cross the road that runs parallel to the House. Go through the gate into the field signposted The Macmillan Way. Head diagonally right across this and the next gated field. In the third field, head diagonally left until you come to another gate in the far left corner by a hedge.

Step 2

Go through the gate, then the gap in the hedge and over a small bridge. Ignore the path across the field ahead and turn left onto the track, keeping the hedge and ditch on your left. This is the Oxford Lane. Continue along the lane, crossing a private tarmac track after about 275yd (250m) and carrying on past a wooded copse on your left until you come to a road.

Step 3

Cross straight over, back onto the Oxford Lane track. After about 875yd (800m), you'll come to a grass track, the route of the dismantled railway. Go over this zig-zag junction, through the gates. After another 330yd (300m), cross a farm track and continue south along the Oxford Lane.

Step 4

After about 275yd (250m), take the small wooden bridge with a footpath sign on your right. Go straight across the field and through the small gap in the hedge opposite. Cross the next field and go through the metal gate. Bear left onto the lane that leads to the pretty village of Moreton Pinkney.

Step 5

At the main road, turn left and cross over, going past the old pub and village hall on your right.

Step 6

Pass the small post box on your left then take the next right turning, following the green footpath signs. Go over the right-hand stile into the field. As you cross the field, the priory church will come into view in the distance. After about 165yd (150m), go over the wooden bridge and another stile. Cross this field, then go through a kissing gate and head for the far right-hand corner of the next field.

Step 7

At this corner, go through the gate in the hedge, turn left and walk a short distance along the road, past the wood yard, until you see the footpath sign on your left. Go through the hedge and over another small bridge. Follow the track across the field and through another gate.

Step 8

Continue across this next field, with lovely views of Canons Ashby House and an avenue of elm trees on your right, towards the final small gate. Turn right onto the road, heading back to your starting point at Canons Ashby car park.

End point

Car park at Canons Ashby, grid ref SP577506

Trail map

Ordnance Survey map for Canons Ashby priory view walk, Leicestershire
Canons Ashby priory view walk, Leicestershire | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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