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What's happening in Lunt?

View of land at Lunt
View of land Sefton Council have agreed to sell to National Trust | © Alex English

Sefton Council have agreed to sell 78 hectares of disused farmland to the National Trust in the Lunt area of Sefton. We're exploring opportunities to create new woodlands and more diverse, nature-rich, habitats for nature like wetlands and species rich grassland. This would help preserve and protect this land for nature and the local community.

How would this benefit nature and people?

The plan is to work in partnership with organisations who are caring for land in the surrounding area including Lancashire Wildlife Trust, The Environment Agency and Forestry England, so that we can connect existing habitats. New areas of forest would join existing pockets of woodland and wetlands with the intention of creating a green haven for local people to enjoy, and habitats for a broad range of wildlife from birds to insects, to native plants and even perhaps red squirrels.

We are one of Europe’s least wooded nations, yet these spaces are vital in our response to the biodiversity and climate crises. The National Trust are keen to play our part by supporting woodland creation projects near places where people live, helping both biodiversity recovery and climate mitigation and providing opportunities for people to access nature close to home.

How would the work be funded?

The project would mainly be funded by the DEFRA Trees For Climate programme through the Mersey Forest team. As well as money raised through the National Trust Plant a Tree appeal.

Trees are one of our most powerful tools in mitigating climate change. As new woodland develops and matures it locks up carbon in soils and timber, as well as intercepting rainfall which can help to reduce flood risk and reduce water pollution.

What's the latest?

The National Trust are currently carrying out a wide range of research work across the site and engaging in conversations with a number of partners and stakeholders.

You can see the early concept plans for the land in Lunt here and a proposed visualisation below. You're welcome to share any feedback with us at

An aerial concept visualisation of fields and woodland around Lunt, Liverpool
Early concept visualisation of land at Lunt, Liverpool | © ©National Trust

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