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Creative collaborations at 575 Wandsworth Road

Artists at 575 Wandsworth Road
Artists at 575 Wandsworth Road, London | © Eric Myers, Media Worx

575 Wandsworth Road has been home to a wide variety of artists and creatives who have developed deep and meaningful connections with the house over the last 10 years which have shaped the house's legacy and its impact on individuals and communities. 575 Wandsworth Road is a place where the idea of ‘home’ takes on a profound and transformative meaning, where connection thrives, and where the future holds endless possibilities.

Fée Uhssi is a London-based French and Nigerian fashion artist. For Wandsworth Arts Fringe in 2023, Fée ran Feminine Power: Art and Wellness Workshops inspired by the representations of mythical and historical female heroines depicted throughout the house. Over two hours, she took participants on a journey of self-discovery, engaging with different colours and textures to form their very own creative response to the theme of inspirational women. Find out more about Fée on her website.

Siobhan Williams is an artist and consultant in the arts, cultural and heritage sector, currently studying at the University of Leicester on the New Museums School Advanced Programme. Formerly a New Museums School Trainee with the National Trust and Culture&, Siobhan produced a podcast exploring ‘topophilia’ (love of place) and the significance of 575 Wandsworth Road, especially for people of Black and African descent and its role as a National Trust property in engaging more diverse audiences in London, and beyond. Siobhan was also understood a research residency, delving into the cultural significance of the house's collection, particularly wooden objects connected to the African diaspora, shedding light on the hidden stories within 575 Wandsworth Road and paving the way for more diverse interpretations.

Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian is a daring Anglo-Armenian composer, singer & harper from Suffolk. Her music digs deep into the rich soil of the British Isles and is inspired by styles of all kinds – from Renaissance to Maqam. From 2015-17 Cevanne became 575 Wandsworth Road’s Composer in Residence in collaboration with the London Symphony Orchestra. This residency forged a deep connection between the house's artistic heritage and the world of contemporary music, bringing together and celebrating the creative work of Khadambi Asalache and Cevanne as one of today’s leading emerging composers. During her residency, Cevanne worked with LSO musicians to meaningfully interpret the house and artwork to bring a new perspective to the house and her creative process to a wider audience. Cevanne created a body of work in response to the house, which was double nominated for the Ivors Composer Awards, winning the Jazz category with Muted Lines commissioned by Trish Clowes. The project has resulted in Welcome Party, an album available on NMC Recordings. Learn more about Cevanne on her website.