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The avenue of lime and chestnut trees in Morden Hall Park, London
Walk the scenic avenue of lime and chestnut trees at Morden Hall Park on this route | © National Trust/Andrew Butler

A suburban oasis: Morden Hall Park walk

Enjoy an easy stroll through this historic parkland created by the Hatfeild family in the 19th century, and experience inspiring verdant surroundings in the heart of South London. Admission is free.

Total steps: 10

Total steps: 10

Start point

The Potting Shed Café, next to Garden Centre car park, grid ref: TQ262686

Step 1

To enter Morden Hall Park, pass through the gate between the Potting Shed Café and the Garden Centre, under an archway. Turn right. On your right you will see workshops associated with the Hatfeild family's estate, including a boiler house for heating the greenhouses in the kitchen garden, and on the other side of the wall, potting and tool sheds and day stables for the working ponies. Some of these are now leased to local craft workers. Ahead of you the stables are visible. During 2010 the stable yard was renovated to become the most energy-efficient historic building in the country, and now offers new visitor facilities.

Step 2

Follow the sign to the Snuff Mill, which is the Children and Young People Hub, providing activities for groups from the local area. The millstones on display outside are originally from a spice mill, but show the edge turning arrangement of the stones used.

Step 3

At the Snuff Mill proceed across a modern bridge over the main tributary of the River Wandle. You will pass a little building on the left where G.E. Hatfeild bred trout, then Morden Cottage on your right. The building is thought to have originally been a hunting lodge before becoming a permanent residence. Look out for the rose garden beyond the cottage.

Step 4

Walk along the path with the rose garden on your right. Exit through the gate and follow the path. Turn right, crossing the tarmac bridge over a stream of the Wandle, and turn right again to re-enter the rose garden on the other side of the stream. Continue on this path out of the garden and into the arboretum. In the summer, look out for the gunnera or giant rhubarb that grows on the island in the River Wandle and the 18th-century statues of Neptune and Venus.

Step 5

Follow the path along the course of the Wandle, with the river on your right. When the path forks at a pond, stay left, on the hard standing. When you come up to the avenue of lime and horse chestnut trees near the gate by the Surrey Arms pub, turn left and walk along the avenue. Avenues of lime trees were a status symbol, and horse chestnuts were very fashionable trees.

Step 6

Carry on walking down the avenue past the path coming up from Phipps Bridge tram stop. Re-cross the tarmac bridge and continue straight on. To your right, in the trees, we have created a natural play area for children.

Step 7

Cross over the ornate white Victorian bridge, in front of you is a second white bridge with Morden Hall beyond, surrounded by a moat. Approach Morden Hall. Cross back over the bridge into the park, turn left following the path crossing over two small wooden bridges. Once over the second bridge turn right, following the signpost to the wetlands, which is home to a rich variety of wildlife. (NB. The boardwalk through the wetlands can be wet after rain and in winter. If you would prefer not to take this route, continue straight ahead and make a circuit of North Park before continuing from this point at Step 9).

The cast iron bridge over the River Wandle in Morden Hall Park, London
The cast iron bridge over the River Wandle in Morden Hall Park | © Andrew Butler

Step 8

When you leave the wetlands you will reach a T-junction. Turn left and follow the path with the wetlands on your left and North Park on your right. Turn left at the end of the wetland, cross over a wooden bridge, with glimpses of Morden Hall through the trees to your right.

Step 9

Retrace your steps back over the two large wooden bridges to the white bridge over the Wandle. Do not cross it, instead pass straight ahead towards the Snuff Mill.

Step 10

At the Snuff Mill turn right and retrace your steps back to the Potting Shed Café and our Garden Centre, where you started.

End point

The Potting Shed Café, next to Garden Centre car park, grid ref: TQ262686

Trail map

Map of Morden Hall Park walk
Map of Morden Hall Park walk | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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