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Discover Brancaster Estate

The beach at Brancaster Estate, Norfolk
The beach at Brancaster Estate, Norfolk | © National Trust Images/Justin Minns

Brancaster Estate, with its wide expanse of golden sands, is perfect for summer sunbathing or winter wanders. Here’s everything you need to know when planning your visit.

Facilities at Brancaster Estate

Car park

If you want to park your car, charges are applicable - including for National Trust members, as Brancaster Estate car park is not owned or managed by the Trust. If the car park is full or you find yourself in a queue then please turn around safely and leave. Do not fly-park in the village. There is limited parking at Brancaster Staithe, off Harbour Way.


The toilets at Brancaster Estate are found next to the car park and are currently open from 6am-6pm. Please note that you'll need to request a key to use the accessible toilet. The toilets are closed periodically during the day for cleaning, but there is also a toilet at Brancaster Staithe harbour.


The kiosk opposite the car park has all your seaside essentials, including ice cream, teas, coffees, plus buckets and spades. Please note that this business is not owned or managed by the National Trust.

Bringing your dog

Dogs and responsible owners are welcome on the beach. From May to September, there’s a small dog-free zone to the left of the entrance once you walk onto the beach, but the rest is there for you and your four-legged friends to enjoy. Please keep dogs under close control at all times and clear up after them. Dog bins are available next to the toilets. Read more about bringing your dog to Brancaster Estate.

Horse riding

Brancaster is a picturesque spot for riding along the beach. To keep you and others safe at our very busy times, there are some restrictions on when we welcome horse riders.

From May to September, we ask that you don’t ride on weekends, bank holidays and school holidays between the hours of 9am and 6pm. This will help you and those around you to have a safe and enjoyable visit. If you have any questions about your upcoming visit, please contact us at

Kite sports

Kite surfing is a popular pastime on the beach. The use of kites and buggies is restricted to certain zones to ensure visitor safety and enjoyment, please refer to the map on arrival.

To ensure the safety of swimmers and other beach users, we ask kite surfers to approach the beach with extreme caution and at a reduced speed. Swimmers and other water users take priority at all times.

  • Please use the designated launch / landing area
  • Please keep clear of the channel buoys
  • When your kite is not in use please wind your lines up to maintain free access to other beach users
  • Due to strong tidal conditions it is recommended that only experienced kite surfers use this area
  • When using the water at high tide keep clear of fishing nets set between the high and low water mark.

Power kites

Please only fly power kites in the area indicated on the map on site.

Dog walker on Brancaster beach, Norfolk
Dogs are welcome, but please follow the guidelines | © National Trust Images/Ian Ward

Beach safety

Follow the signs

When you arrive at the beach, the first thing to look for are the signs giving you all the necessary safety information. It’s worth noting that there are no RNLI lifeguards on duty at Brancaster Estate.

SS Vina shipwreck

Please do not attempt to visit the centre pole of the SS Vina, as it is separated from the beach by a wide, deep, fast-flowing channel of tidal water. Each year many people are rescued by the RNLI after crossing this channel.

Tide times

A beach can seem like a vast playground, but the tide can come in surprisingly quickly at Brancaster. Tide times and heights vary throughout the month and can easily catch you out if you haven’t checked them. Take a look at the tide times on the Royal West Norfolk Golf Club website ahead of your visit.

General guidelines for staying safe on the beach

  1. Keep a watchful eye on your family and stay together
  2. Don't use inflatables in the sea
  3. In an emergency, dial 999 for the Coastguard
A kitesurfer at Brancaster Estate, Norfolk
Brancaster Estate is popular with kitesurfers | © National Trust Images/Justin Minns

Take care of this special place

Countryside Code

With more people than ever enjoying the coast and countryside, we’re asking for your help in looking after them during your visit. Please help to protect wildlife and landscapes by following the Countryside Code, which includes taking any litter home with you and not lighting a barbecue or campfire.

The beach at Brancaster Estate, Norfolk

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