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Kite sports at Brancaster Beach

A kitesurfer at Brancaster Estate, Norfolk
Brancaster Estate is popular with kitesurfers | © National Trust Images/Justin Minns

With its long, sandy beach, Brancaster is a great place for kite sports on both land and water. Kitesurfers, kite buggy users, landboarders and power kite fliers are all welcome in designated areas here. To make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit, there are launch and landing zones plus safety advice that we ask all kite users to follow.

Activity zones

If you are visiting Brancaster Beach to enjoy kite sports, please follow the guidance below and familiarise yourself with this map showing the designated areas for kite sports.


We welcome experienced kitesurfers to Brancaster for an exhilarating day on the water. Please follow our advice and tips so that everyone can have a safe and enjoyable visit, at sea and on the beach:

  • To protect swimmers and other beach users, approach the beach with extreme caution and at a reduced speed.
  • You must give priority to swimmers and other water users at all times.
  • Use the designated launch/landing area highlighted on the map at the entrance to the beach.
  • Keep clear of the channel buoys.
  • When you’re not using your kite, wind your lines up so everyone has free access to the beach.
  • When you’re on the water at high tide, keep clear of fishing nets set between the high- and low-water marks.

Experienced kitesurfers only

Due to strong tidal conditions only experienced kitesurfers should go out at Brancaster.

A man and a woman with a walking stick walk their dog on a sunny, sandy, flat beach
Please look out for other beachgoers, so everyone can enjoy their visit to Brancaster | © National Trust Images/Ian Ward

Kite buggies and landboards

You’re welcome to use a kite buggy or landboard on Titchwell Beach, marked on the map at the beach entrance. You can access Titchwell via Brancaster Beach, but please pull your equipment to the flying area.

Power kites

These are two-string kites over 1 metre in size. Please only fly power kites in the power kite and kitesurfing launch/landing area, indicated on the map at the entrance to the beach.

Ordinary kites

You’re welcome to fly single-string kites anywhere on the beach.

Nesting birds

When flying your kite on the beach, please keep clear of any areas fenced off for nesting birds.

The beach at Brancaster Estate, Norfolk

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