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Visitor running in woodland
Join us for the weekly parkrun at Clumber | © National Trust Images / John Millar
Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire

Clumber Park parkrun

Starting from Central Bark and then along past the Estate Offices of Clumber, this 5km run takes you through scenic parkland and woodland, and offers glimpses of the lake as you reach the furthest point.

Total steps: 7

Total steps: 7

Start point

Central Bark, SK623749

Step 1

Start from just outside Central Bark, facing the cricket pitch in front of you, then turn right along the road and head slightly up the incline to the road junction.

Step 2

At the junction turn right, going past the Garden Tea House and Estate Office. Passing the second set of buildings on your left, the surface changes from tarmac road to red shale paths. You shortly enter a woodland which has recently been replanted after it was felled.

Step 3

You soon reach a crossroads of red shale paths. Head straight on and take the next right approximately 20 metres after the junction. The ground is slightly uneven here, with a ridge across the path. Continue along this track with a copse of large mature beech trees on your left.

Step 4

Running down the hill, after 250 metres is a dirt path to your right. Take this turn then turn immediately right: you have now reached the midway point of the run.

Step 5

Next to the grass field the path splits into two. Take the left path as it runs adjacent to the field.

Step 6

The next turn is at the end of the fence line. Turn left here and on your right is two stone pillars. You will now have two grass fields on each side of you and a stone archway in front of you. This section of the route is also part of our cycle path network, so keep an eye out for bikes. With the stone archway in front of you, turn right just before you reach it with the field on your right.

Step 7

As you progress along this section you will see Cedar Avenue in the distance. Pass along the bottom of this, and a quick glance to the right will show the avenue leading up to the Walled Kitchen Garden. Reaching the tarmac road, turn right to go up the hill and you will soon reach your starting point.

End point

Central Bark, SK623749

Trail map

Map route for Clumber Park parkrun
Map route for Clumber Park parkrun | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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