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Family-friendly things to do at The Workhouse and Infirmary

A volunteer in Victorian costumes stands in front of a chalkboard in the Schoolroom at the Workhouse, Southwell in Nottinghamshire, talking to seated children and adults.
Costumed volunteer in the Schoolroom | © National Trust Images/Arnhel de Serra

There are lots of ways to keep the family engaged at The Workhouse and Infirmary, from active trails to digital devices.

Family-friendly things to do at The Workhouse and Infirmary during autumn

Costumed shenanigans and pumpkins galore and during October Half Term (Saturday 21 October - Sunday 5 November)

Explore The Workhouse with a special half term trail taking you all around the buildings on the search for autumnal surprises. On Thursdays and Saturdays throughout this period, you'll witness 'Workhouse: Live!' where you can get involved with costumed workhouse character carrying out traditional tasks. See the huge pumpkins that are being harvested from the kitchen gardens while you're here, too.

Take a bite of the Southwell Bramley Apple Festival with activities at The Workhouse (Saturday 28 October)

We love to join in with the community celebrations of the Bramley apple - and you can join us too. Enjoy apple printing and "the longest apple peel" competitions. This event is free on the front field, but to visit the rest of the site normal admission charges apply.

A trail board showing a trail called 'Pesky Pests' and two knitted pests, one a snail and another a beetle, in front of The Workhouse building.
Grab a children's trail and get exploring at The Workhouse! | © National Trust

Pick up a digital device and get scanning!

Children will love picking up one of our special devices, as they look out for areas to scan and discover more about a particular person, room or object. There's so many to find across the whole place. See if you can find them all, and maybe even remember a thing or two!

Encounter the sights and sounds of The Workhouse

Walk through the mens ward and hear snoring in the bedrooms. Step foot into the basements and see rats scurrying around - they are sure to give you a surprise!

You can even pick up earphones to hear the childhood stories of the people who used to live in The Workhouse.

Visitors in the Courtyard seen from a window at The Workhouse, Nottinghamshire
Visitors in the Courtyard at The Workhouse | © National Trust Images/Chris Lacey