Make the most of spring

There's a whole host of ways to enjoy being outdoors all year round, but why not make the most of warmer days and lighter evenings to explore the countryside and coast near you.

Whether you're an adrenalin junkie or looking for gentle ways to get outdoors and closer to nature, we've miles upon miles of outdoor space for you to enjoy.

Find a place to visit near you

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Ideas for outdoor adventures

Be inspired by our friends in Yorkshire as George, Ted and their four-legged friends are challenged to take on lots of outdoor activities. Which would you try first?

Signs of spring

The gardens and countryside we look after are full of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the colour and vibrancy of spring. Lambs are one of the first and most eagerly awaited signs of spring, and we've plenty of places where you can see them gambolling around on unsteady legs.

Have a go at rockpooling

It might be a bit cold for a dip in the sea but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a trip to the beach. Now is a great time for you and your family to start exploring the fascinating creatures found on our shores when you have a go at rockpooling.

Coastal wildlife surveys

If you're a keen nature spotter, or eager to give it a go, then our BioBlitz events are a great starting point. Join in a race against the clock to find and record as many animals, birds, insects and plants as possible.

A helping hand from Cotswold Outdoor

From helping you to find the perfect pair of boots to choosing the right rucksack for your outdoor adventure, we're excited about what our new partner, Cotswold Outdoor, have to say about getting the most out of our outdoor pursuits.

Outdoor events near you