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Windmill Hill archive on the Waddesdon estate, Buckinghamshire
See the Windmill Hill archive at Waddesdon on this walk | © National Trust/Waddesdon/Chris Lacey
Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire

Windmill Hill walk at Waddesdon

Get off the beaten track to explore Waddesdon's wider estate on this enlightening walk. You will see some impressive points of interest, including architectural highlights like Windmill Hill and the award-winning Flint House, not to mention spectacular vistas of Aylesbury Vale.

Winter warning

During winter, from the end of October to end of March (depending on the weather) we wrap all our statues against the frost. So don't be surprised to see ghostly-looking shapes during your visit. Also, the final part of this walk takes you through the main grounds, accessible only from Wednesdays to Sundays.

Total steps: 8

Total steps: 8

Start point

Car Park

Step 1

Begin at the Welcome Pavilion and follow the road until you reach a left turn towards Windmill Hill.

Step 2

Continue on the road and follow it around the bend. After passing the first cattle grid you will find yourself in the Millennium Avenue of trees which links the Manor with Upper Winchendon. From this position there is a view of the southern aspect of the Manor, which can rarely be seen from this angle. Go through the gate on the right of the second cattle grid and continue on the road towards Windmill Hill.

Step 3

Take the right-hand road at the fork. Continue straight and follow the road round. You will see Perceval by Sarah Lucas on your right and Windmill Hill archive on your left.

Perceval by Sarah Lucas at Waddesdon
Perceval by Sarah Lucas at Waddesdon | © National Trust

Step 4

Pass by Windmill Hill and follow the road down the hill. Please note that this section of the walk downhill can be fairly steep.

Step 5

Turn right along the track: on your left you will see Flint House (Winner of the 2015 RIBA Award). This is a private property so please do not walk down to the house but keep to the track.

The award-winning Flint House at Waddesdon, Bucks
The award-winning Flint House at Waddesdon, Bucks | © National Trust

Step 6

Continue straight along the path until about two fields along, when you'll see a gate on your right hand side. Go through the gate and walk up the hill. You will come to a second gate when you come to the next field, keep heading up to the top of the hill until you reach woodland. Please note that this section of the walk is across fields and can be steep and muddy at times.

Step 7

When you reach the top of the hill, turn right and follow the path along (please note this can be muddy) and after a short distance you will see a path on your left that will take you back up the main Waddesdon drive.

Step 8

When you reach the Waddesdon drive turn right and follow the road until you are able to rejoin the public footpath to the left of the road. Follow this footpath back to the Car Park. This path can get muddy.

End point

Car Park

Trail map

Oak leaves in September in Florence Court garden, Co Fermanagh
Oak leaves in September in Florence Court garden, Co Fermanagh | © National Trust Images / John Millar

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