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Our work at Sunnycroft

Man kneeling on the floor in the Sunnycroft entrance hall while working on the tiles with a hand tool
Conservator working on the tiled floor of the Entrance Hall | © National Trust Images/John Millar

The work at Sunnycroft never stops with the house, garden and collection receiving constant care and attention. Find out more about what we do to take care of this special place.

Risks and repairs

A small team carry out the essential care and conservation of its interior, collection, buildings and garden.

2020 Remedial and Preventative Conservation

Much-needed repair work to the original 1899 bay window in the Drawing Room was carried out, and a full inventory check of the several thousand collection objects was completed.

There were a number of potential risks to the collection that needed to be managed, including monitoring pests, damage from dust and any environmental impacts – for example fluctuations in temperature and humidity that could affect collection items.

During 2020 we were able to carry out some essential conservation work to Sunnycroft’s conservatory while we continued to plan for its protection and restoration. The conservatory is a glasshouse designed and built by R. Halliday & Co. in 1899. It is Grade II listed and is embellished with stained glass, decorative finials and ironwork.

Outside at Sunnycroft

In recent years there has been an increased amount of surface flooding in the grounds after heavy rainfall. A bout of wet weather in June and August 2020 led to flooding again, with the original clay drainage pipes no longer able to cope with draining away the amount of water.

Avenue of Wellington trees lining a dirt path, with other trees and hedges among them at Sunnycroft, Shropshire
Avenue of Wellingtonia trees leading to the house at Sunnycroft, Shropshire | © National Trust Images/Annapurna Mellor

The drainage system was replaced in October 2020 to combat this and protect the property. New pipes were installed with extra care to protect the roots of the towering Wellingtonia trees planted in 1899 by Mary Jayne Slaney. During the work, a disused Victorian culvert was discovered near the pigsty.

Explore the collection at Sunnycroft from home

You can explore the collection at Sunnycroft from wherever you are on the National Trust Collections website. Follow the link below to explore the collection at Sunnycroft.

Thank you

With your ongoing support, we're able to continue our vital conservation work. Thank you for helping to protect these special places.

Avenue of Wellington trees lining a dirt path, with other trees and hedges among them at Sunnycroft, Shropshire


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