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A path through the trees, mainly Oak and Silver Birch, along Docwra's Ditch, with bracken underneath the trees.
A path through the trees along Docwra's Ditch | © Daniel Payne

Dunwich Heath grey trail

Follow the grey trail for views of the heath, and a long stretch of water with reeds on the other side, perfect for birdwatchers or those who are after a gentle stroll in a peaceful place.

Accessing Dunwich Heath

This tranquil heath stands on the Suffolk coast and is open daily for most of the year. For access to this walking trail, you will need to be a National Trust member or pay the car park fee.

Total steps: 4

Total steps: 4

Start point

The trail starts just past Heath Barn.

Step 1

Follow the trail heading west, and continue until you reach the third turning left (there is a bench at the junction). Turn left and head down the slope.

Step 2

Head down to the bottom of the slope until you reach the fork in the trail. Take the left hand fork.

Step 3

Follow the trail west, ignoring any turnings back up the slope, until you reach a circular pond. Take the turning left that heads up the slope.

Step 4

Turn right onto the larger trail heading up from the beach, then left and follow the trail up the slope and back into the car park.

End point

The trail ends at the car park.

Trail map

The walk map for Dunwich Heath
The walk map for Dunwich Heath | © National Trust

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