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Ickworth Fairy Lake
Ickworth Fairy Lake is much overgrown and is a haven for wildlife. | © Michael Graham

Ickworth Estate | Lady Hervey Walk

A circular parkland walk starting from the Porter’s Lodge before heading down the main drive towards Adkins Wood. Visit the Fairy Lake and Canal Lake then up to St Mary’s Church (Hervey’s family church) before finishing at the West Wing.

Total steps: 12

Total steps: 12

Start point

Porter's Lodge, grid reference TL8154161537

Step 1

From the Porters Lodge turn left past the car park, bear right past the kiosk and down the main drive to the main gates.

Step 2

Just before the Park gates turn right through the five bar gates. Following the pink way marker posts along the path.

Step 3

Shortly the path splits bears right and where the path turns left you will see the old Adkins Wood stone marker. Keep walking along this windy path until you re-join the main path.

Step 4

When you arrive at the Fontainebleau Grove sign bear right. Keeping to this winding route following the Pink way markers you will come to a wide crossroad.

Step 5

At the crossroad continue straight across onto a smaller path which takes you into Lady Hervey’s Wood and winds its way around the back of Fairy Lake.

Step 6

Your path now joins a gravel path. Walk up to the Fairy Lake have a seat on the bench and take a moment to enjoy the view and peaceful surroundings.

Step 7

To your right are steps leading down to the boardwalk which joins your path further along (Not suitable for pushchairs).

Step 8

Walk to your left and turn left following the gravel path. Along this trail you will catch glimpses of the Rotunda. Where the gravel path bears right following the field take the left grass path.

Step 9

Shortly you will see an Iron Gate ahead through the trees (entrance to Walled Garden), here turn left across the river Linnet through the five bar gate. Please note that Dogs are not allowed into the Walled Garden with the exception to assistance dogs.

Step 10

You now find yourself alongside the Canal and opposite the Walled Garden. The 1st Earl of Bristol shortly before 1717 built the kitchen garden, summerhouse and dug the Canal Lake. Ickworth over the seasons are visited by a variety of water fowl (e.g. Canada and Egyptian geese). Herons are also seen here.

Step 11

Keep following the bank of the Linnet river until you join the gravel road crossroad. Turn left across the bridge and up the hill. You might be lucky to see a buzzard or hawk in flight here. Half way up the road look back to your left and take in the view over the valley.

Step 12

This gravel road leads you past the Wall Garden (dogs are not allowed into the Walled Garden with the exception to assistance dogs.) and St Mary’s church and onto a five bar gate, look out for the Parson's pond on your left. Through the gate and take the second right turn and so back to West Wing.

End point

West Wing grid reference TL 815061385

Trail map

an os map of the Lady Hervey Walk
Lady Hervey Walk | Ickworth Estate | Suffolk | © Ordnance Survey

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