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Kestrel corner play area at Polesden Lacey

A girl crawls through play area rabbit's burrow
A girl crawls through play area rabbit's burrow | © Eddie Hyde/National Trust

Kestrel Corner is a natural play area made using wood from the Polesden Lacey estate. Enjoy the swings, tunnels and giant nests as you embrace your inner animal and get closer to nature. The play area is open daily.

Nature Connection

Polesden Lacey has plenty of outdoor space in which children can explore nature. The play area is perfect for children to be active, with a rabbit’s warren, a giant bird’s nest and a buried fox den. It’s built from wood and other natural materials and provides all the inspiration a child needs to have a great time experiencing the outdoors. It's a place for imaginations to run wild.

Young child enjoys new swings at Polesden Lacey
Young child enjoys new swings at Polesden Lacey | © Eddie Hyde/NationalTrust

Swings at Polesden Lacey

The play area has several swings to choose from.

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For all ages

We've tried to design the play area so that children of different ages and abilities can enjoy it.

The bottom level of the Birds Nest is wheelchair accessible and is a hub for sensory play. Children can enjoy mirrors, sensory panels to touch and feel and musical chimes whilst interacting with other children above and below, and through ingenious speaking tubes.

There are all kinds of swings. Including basket swings, toddler swings and regular swings too.

Play opportunities at Polesden encourage challenging playful experiences in a safe environment to facilitate child development at all stages. The equipment’s designed to be challenging.

Only you know the abilities and limitations of the children in your care, so please keep a careful watch on them and make sure they’re playing safely. You’re also encouraged to play in the spaces provided so that everyone can enjoy the play experience.

Two girls play in basket swing
Two girls play in basket swing | © Eddie Hyde/National Trust

Considered construction

Made from sustainable wood, some of which has come from our own estate, this woodland playscape almost seems to blend into the trees around it. In the neighbouring woodland, where the play area once was has become home to an abundance of native flora which have been left to flourish.

Little ones can hop, skip and jump from one end to the other of the new play area embracing their inner rabbit, squirrel or fox. And perhaps catch a glimpse of a rare native orchid or nesting woodland bird while swinging or spying from the top of the bird’s nest.

A girl sits on balance beams
A girl sits on balance beams | © Eddie Hyde/National Trust

Future plans

We still have some work to do at the play area site. More benches are still to be installed and we're working on plans to improve some of the surfaces in and around the play area. Please bear with us during this time while we get the final pieces just right.


Please note that dogs are not allowed in the play area.