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Exciting 3D mapping project nears completion

Looking into the entrance of Upper Roman Adit and Gallery
Upper Roman Adit at Dolaucothi, Carmarthenshire, Wales | © Dolaucothi

We’re very grateful to Christians Survey and Inspection Solutions who’ve recently carried out laser scanning and photogrammetry work in our Roman adits and gallery.

The next stage will be to create 3D visuals from the data, similar to those produced by Christians for the Cobalt Mine at Alderley Edge.

An online hosted viewer will enable everyone to enjoy the only known Roman goldmine in the UK.

We'll be launching the full 3D visuals soon, so watch this space. Meantime, here's a taster of some surface work, also carried out by Christians.

Mine Yard Explosives Magazine

The Golden Wheel at Dolaucothi

An old mining tub at Dolaucothi Gold Mines, Carmarthenshire. The horizontal line on the hill is the remains of a roman leat.

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