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Festival of Blossom at Dyffryn Gardens

Two visitors explore outside at Dyffryn Gardens, following a concrete path that leads to five steps leading down to a lower level of the garden. They're surrounded by evergreen foliage and a large white magnolia tree overhead.
Blossom watch, Dyffryn Gardens, Vale of Glamorgan | © National Trust Images/Paul Harris

The Festival of Blossom is an annual National Trust moment to help people connect with the beauty and meaning of blossom through activities and the seasonal highlights found at Dyffryn Gardens.

Come and celebrate the beauty of blossom at Dyffryn Gardens from 1 March - 31 May.

Choose from a calendar full of blossom events designed to help connect with nature, create mindfulness and spread joy. Join us for a Blossom Watch Walk, photography trail or workshop, family storytelling or blossom wreathmaking.

Blossom Watch Walk

1 March - 31 May

From March to May what you see on your walk will change depending on the time in the season you come.

You'll start off seeing those happy little markers of change, Crocuses. And then of course the happiest (and most Welsh) of all flowers, Daffodils. As spring progresses, you'll see Apricot blossom, Magnolia, Wisteria, and the famous Cherry blossom, so it's worth coming back a few times to experience the best of the whole season.

Pick-up the Blossom Watch Walk map at the Welcome Centre when you arrive and it will lead you around the best and most beautiful examples of spring flowers in our gardens.

There is no additional charge for the Blossom Watch Walk map (normal garden admission applies).

Blossom photography

1 March – 31 May

Nature photography is a good mindful activity, slowing you down to take close notice of the beauty around you.

Find photography tip panels dotted around the garden at the best blossom spots in the gardens and learn how to take great nature photos with your phone or camera.

Whether you are a keen amateur photographer, a novice with a new camera, or simply want to take better photos on your phone, each photography panel has a top tip and examples to help you and cover things like best angles, close ups, wide shots and including people in your blossom photos too.

The panels also have a little bit of information about the biodiversity at Dyffryn Gardens and the important role that blossom plays in the Dyffryn environment.

Submit your photo to our photo competition on our social media channels by tagging us in the post and using the hashtag #BlossomWatch. Look out for details by following us on:

Facebook - @DyffrynGardensNT Instagram - @dyffryngardennt Twitter - @DyffrynGardenNT

We're excited to see the photos you take.

Senior Gardener Blossom Tour at Dyffryn Gardens

20 & 23 April, 11am

Take a free tour of the gardens and the Heritage Orchard with Senior Gardener and Head Arborist, Rory Ambrose.

Rory will lead you round the Arboretum, Gardens and Heritage Orchard in search of the best blooms of the blossom season. Find out in-depth information about the trees and plants you come across, including how they all fit in with our biodiversity and restoration work.

You can pre-book your free place or turn up on the day (we recommend pre-booking to avoid disappointment, there are 20 places on each tour). Each tour is around 45 minutes long, maximum one hour.

The tours are free but normal admission applies (if you are a National Trust member admission to the gardens is free). Please pre-book your spot here.

The view of Dyffryn House in South Wales from under a magnolia tree in the arboretum
The view of Dyffryn House from under a magnolia tree in the arboretum | © James Dobson

Flower Girl - Storytime with Lucy Owen

21 April, 11am & 12.30pm

Join author Lucy Owen in Dyffryn’s Theatre Garden for interactive readings of her children’s book, Flower Girl. Cherry is a young girl who is made by magic from the flowers of an enchanted blossom tree. With hair as pink as petals and a pet butterfly called Bud, she is a little bit different to everyone else!

Afterwards, Lucy will be around to sign copies of her book, Flower Girl. You can bring your own copy, pick one up from our shop on arrival, or from our team in the Theatre Garden after the book reading.

There'll be two readings, one starting at 11am and one starting at 12.30pm. This is a free event, with no booking required (normal admission applies).

Blossom photography – learn from the expert

25 April, 10.30am-12.30pm & 1.30-3.30pm

If you really want to explore your photography potential, then come to our photography workshops.

Join our resident photographer, Glyn for an expert session covering all the essentials.

You don't need a camera to take part - phones are just as welcome. The talk will be tailored to the group's interests and abilities so you can make the most out of your phone or camera, whether you're a pro, keen amateur, or just want to take better photos with your phone.

Please pre-book your tickets here.

Living blossom wreath-making

26 April, 10.30am-12.30pm & 2-4pm

Join Rhian Rees from Wild and Fabulous Flowers for a living wreath-making workshop in the Gallery. Guided by Rhian, learn how to create beautiful, natural wreaths from bulbs and greenery harvested by our Gardens Team and take a little piece of Dyffryn home with you.

Because the wreaths are made using bulbs they will live on long after you've taken them home, blossoming, blooming and changing as the season progresses. The wreath-making sessions will take place in the Gallery Café where there'll also be seasonal refreshments for you to enjoy as you build your masterpiece. We can't wait to see the beautiful living creations you make.

Please pre-book your tickets here.

A walking child under a Magnolia tree at Dyffryn Gardens, Vale of Glamorgan
Under a Magnolia tree, Dyffryn Gardens, Vale of Glamorgan | © Paul Harris

The Festival of Blossom is a moment for connecting with nature after the colder, darker, sleepier months of winter - come out of the hibernation season and bounce into spring by fully immersing yourself in the beauty of blossom at Dyffryn Gardens.

Blossom tree covered in small pink flowers in the Arboretum at Dyffryn Gardens, Vale of Glamorgan
Blossom tree in the Arboretum at Dyffryn Gardens, Vale of Glamorgan | © National Trust
Herbaceous Border in summer, Dyffryn Gardens, Vale of Glamorgan

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