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The 'Ailfframio' Project

PENRHYN SLATE QUARRY by Henry Hawkins (1822-80) from Penrhyn.  (Accepted in lieu of tax by HM Treasury and allocated to The National Trust in 1951)
The Penrhyn Quarry, Henry Hawkins,1832 | © National Trust Images/John Hammond

'Ailfframio’ is an exciting new project that looks at the history and impacts of The Penrhyn Quarry.

Tell us what you think

The depiction of the Penrhyn Quarry as seen above was commissioned by George Dawkins-Pennant and painted by Henry Hawkins in 1832 and has been part of the castle's collection ever since. This year, while restoring the original frame, we are keen to take another look at the painting and capture your reactions to the picture. What can you see in it?

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What's on its way?

This project is being coordinated by Nici Beech and led by the local community. Following a period of enquiry and conversations with the community and artist Rebecca Hardy-Griffith, there will be a series of creative workshops with other local artists to create new material for an upcoming exhibition. This exhibition will be arriving at the castle’s Grand Hall in the summer of 2024 but keep an eye on this page as it will be updated when more information becomes available.