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Visiting the garden at Plas yn Rhiw

Snowdrops in the garden at Plas yn Rhiw, Gwynedd, Wales
Snowdrops in the garden at Plas yn Rhiw, Gwynedd | © National Trust Images/Clwb Camera Dwyfor

Stroll around our organic garden, brimming with plants and framed by over a quarter of a mile of box hedges. Every corner and every season bring something different for you to discover in the garden at Plas yn Rhiw.


As the leaves fall, prepare to be astounded by the coastal views from the garden at Plas yn Rhiw.

Hellebores and winter aconites

The garden keeps on giving throughout the bleak winter months, with Christmas box and witch hazel filling the garden with an infusion of fragrance; hellebores, winter aconites and the bare red stems of red dogwood offering various colours.

Snowdrops at Plas yn Rhiw

The dazzling snowdrop displays are the first sign that spring is on its way. They carpet the woodland floor and swamp the garden, a sight to behold.

A carpet of blooming bluebells is surrounded by many trees covered with bright green leaves in woodland at Plas yn Rhiw, Gwynedd.
Bluebells in woodland at Plas yn Rhiw | © National Trust Images/Clwb Camera Dwyfor
Plas yn Rhiw in bloom
Plas yn Rhiw in bloom | © National Trust Images / Annapurna Mellor


Enjoy magnificent magnolias and camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas, daffodils, tulips and all manner of herbaceous gems. A late spring display is given by the climbing wisteria, smothering the old outbuildings.


Look out for common spotted orchids in the orchard, bluebells in the upper woodland and primroses by the millpond - a sight to behold.


Smell the vanilla-scented Azara microphylla, dark glossy leaves with a deep yellow flower, or the stunning Rhododendron (fragrantissimum) and yellow honeysuckle-scented Azalea pontica.

The parkland and bluebells at Plas yn Rhiw

In spring, bask among the spectacular display of bluebells carpeting the woodland floor, with the unmistakable yellow dazzle of primroses.

The orchard will come to life in late April and May, with over 130 trees coming into bloom. The grassland will also be of interest, look out for common spotted orchids, bird foot trefoil and the cuckoo flower. The cuckoo is known to visit Plas yn Rhiw and has been heard and sighted here in the past few years.

A carpet of blooming bluebells is surrounded by many trees covered with bright green leaves in woodland at Plas yn Rhiw, Gwynedd.
Bluebells in woodland at Plas yn Rhiw | © National Trust Images/Clwb Camera Dwyfor


Explore a sea of cool summer tones featuring a collection of hydrangeas: mophead, lacecaps and unusual villosa types. Fuchsias, old English roses and herbaceous perennials fill the garden with colour and fragrance.

White jasmine

On leaving the house, the veranda shelters a beautiful white jasmine, three abutilon ashford red that flower continuously throughout the year, and a row of climbing, thornless rose (Zepherine Drouhin).

Wildflower meadow

The wildflower meadow to the back of the house will be buzzing with insects. Watch out for feeding swallows and housemartins, or buzzards circling above.

Close-up of apple tree branches at Plas yn Rhiw with woodland in the background on the Llŷn Peninsula, Wales
Apple trees at Plas yn Rhiw, Llŷn Peninsula | © National Trust/Malcolm Davies


Three graceful eucryphias dominate the garden throughout September, their pure white flowers teeming with bees. The chilli-like fruit pods of Magnolia (campbellii mollicomata) are as attractive as its flowers in spring.

The orchard

As days begin to shorten, the flaming colours of the woodland are a beautiful backdrop. Explore the orchard and you will find an abundance of fruit varieties, all native to Wales. Keep an eye out for the famous Bardsey apple.

The house at Plas yn Rhiw, framed with bright azaleas and the new leaves of box hedges, in Gwynedd, Wales

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