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Family-friendly things to do at Baddesley Clinton

A family walking in the autumn rain
There's plenty of family fun to be had at Baddesley whatever the weather | © National Trust Images/Chris Lacey

If you're looking for somewhere where the children can let off some steam, Baddesley Clinton is the perfect place for a family day out. From spotting birds and fish on the lakeside walk to discovering what's growing in the vegetable garden, there's lots of fun to be had in the great outdoors.

Children on the Nature Walk at Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire
Have a great family day out at Baddesley Clinton | © National Trust Images/Annapurna Mellor

Planning your family visit

Here's the information you need at a glance to make the most of your family day out at Baddesley Clinton:

  • Baby-changing facilities are located in the accessible toilet in the barnyard area
  • The garden has some gravel paths and the lakeside walk, woodland and vegetable garden are now surfaced with self-binding gravel which can be uneven in places
  • Snacks, hot food and drinks are available from the restaurant
  • The picnic area is located in front of the house. Watch out for the ducks, they’ll expect you to share

'50 things to do before you're 11¾'

There are lots of '50 things to do before you're 11¾' activities to tick off during your visit. Here are a few recommendations:

No. 1 Get to know a tree

If trees could talk, can you imagine the tales they might tell? Perhaps your tree has stood tall through battle scenes, or helped new friends to build a den? Has it heard the ‘chee-chee’ cries of baby birds in spring, or felt the winter snow build walls on its outstretched branches? Get to know a tree throughout the seasons, and search for clues in its roots, bark and branches to uncover its story.

No. 6 Go welly wandering

There are lots of paths to be explored at Baddesley around the nature walk and out on the wider estate. Grab those wellies and go on a wander!

No. 8 Spot a fish

Spotting fish is one of the best ways to spend time exploring water in the countryside. It's tricky though, with the fish darting around and trying to avoid you. It’s fun to watch how a fish moves, as it swims and plays with its friends. Some are speedy, while others prefer a slow and steady glide. Watch the water for little bubbles and ripples as the fish come to the surface.

No. 12 Have fun with sticks

Sticks are the best. There are so many ways you can have fun with sticks that we can’t begin to list them all here. Before choosing your stick, you need to decide what you want to use it for. Do you want to create a trail of arrows for friends to follow? Or will you use your stick to make a home for wildlife? Perhaps you’d like to decorate it and use it as a wand?

No. 31 Make friends with a bug

There are lots of creepy crawlies to be found at Baddesley. On your next walk round the woodland why not turn over a few logs and see what you can spot. Don't forget to put it back in place though!

No. 44 Watch a bird

Why not pick a secluded spot in the parkland and see what birds you can see. To be a successful bird watcher, you'll need to be as quiet as a mouse while you keep a look out for our feathered friends.

Two visitors walk hand in hand across the bridge over the moat towards the stone built Baddesley Clinton house in Warwickshire. There are sunny blue skies above and the surrounding trees are reflected in the moat.

Discover more at Baddesley Clinton

Find out when Baddesley Clinton is open, how to get here, the things to see and do and more.

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