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Exploring the estate at Baddesley Clinton

A view of the parkland at Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire, in the winter
150 acres of Warwickshire parkland is just a step away from the house | © National Trust/John Bayley

At Baddesley Clinton the 150 acres of parkland, open farmland and dense woodland is home to a rich variety of wildlife, from ducks to deer. You can relax by the lake and stewponds, practise your photography skills and see what wildlife you can spot on a walk.

Spring on the estate

Spring is a wonderful time of year for the animals at Baddesley as the wildlife starts to wake up from the long winter sleep, and our 150 acres of parkland, farmland and woodland provide many different types of habitats for the Warwickshire wildlife to thrive.

As the season progresses, more and more baby animals and birds start to make Baddesley their home. Given the number of ducks which have here at Baddesley, there are always plenty of ducklings.

Our stew pond is usually full of spawn, but is it frog spawn or toad spawn? It’s easy to tell – frog spawn comes in shapeless clumps, but toads lay theirs in neat strings.

Not strictly wildlife, the sheep are owned and managed by our tenant farmer. It’s always lovely to watch the spring lambs gambolling around in the fields.

There are usually lots of birds to spot, especially from the bird screen hidden in the woodland. The busy birds will be collecting food for their chicks from the feeders and the woodland floor across the Baddesley estate and gardens.

A word of warning: don’t approach Canada geese if they have young. They are very protective!

Walkers in the autumn mist at Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire
Walkers in the mist explore Baddesley's estate | © National Trust Images/Abi Cole

Head off on a walk

When you arrive, pop into Visitor Reception and pick up a walks map, which will help you find your way along the miles of fields and woodland here. Take a quiet stroll around the parkland taking in both open grassland and quiet woods or follow one of the walking routes.

You can meander gently around the estate, take a longer walk to our neighbours at Packwood House or follow country lanes to the Grand Union Canal.

The lake and stewponds

Baddesley Clinton is well known for its resident ducks; although watch where you sit to eat your sandwiches as they have quite an appetite.

In spring, the stewpond is usually full of spawn, but is it frog spawn or toad spawn? It’s easy to tell – frog spawn comes in shapeless clumps, but toads lay theirs in neat strings.

Wildlife spotting

If you take a stroll out across the estate, you’re bound to come across some of the resident sheep who are owned and managed by a tenant farmer.

Roe deer and muntjac deer have been spotted occasionally running through the estate. Muntjacs are not native to Britain, coming from south-east Asia, but escaped from the Woburn Abbey estate in about 1925, and have made themselves at home all over the country.


Baddesley Clinton is a great place for birdwatching. From our resident ducks on the moat to really wild birds out in the parkland. There are many species of birds on the estate, some more common than others. Tawny, little and barn owls live here, but are elusive to spot.

A robin sitting on a holly bush at Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire
Will you spot our friendly robin? | © National Trust/Abi Chandler

Family fun in the grounds

There are lots of things for families to enjoy in the garden and on the wider estate at Baddesley Clinton. From lakeside strolls spotting fish to walks exploring the surrounding countryside, your next adventure awaits.

Whatever the season, there's plenty to see, do, and have fun in the great outdoors.

Two visitors walk hand in hand across the bridge over the moat towards the stone built Baddesley Clinton house in Warwickshire. There are sunny blue skies above and the surrounding trees are reflected in the moat.

Discover more at Baddesley Clinton

Find out when Baddesley Clinton is open, how to get here, the things to see and do and more.

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