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Blossomise events with Simon Armitage and LYR

Poet Laureate Simon Armitage and his two LYR band members standing in front of a pinkish wall as the sun shines on them.
The band LYR, featuring Simon Armitage, Richard Walters and Patrick Pearson | © Bjorn Franklin

Join Poet Laureate Simon Armitage and his band LYR to celebrate the uplifting sight of spring this Blossom Week, 20–28 April 2024. A series of events and live performances are taking place across England, connecting people to blossom through music, poetry and creativity.

As part of the Blossomise project, the band LYR – comprised of Simon Armitage, singer-songwriter Richard Walters and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Pearson – have produced five new blossom songs inspired by the season. They'll be released as an EP titled Blossomise. Simon has also created a body of blossom-inspired poems and haikus, also titled Blossomise, published in collaboration with Faber. The music and poetry work together to celebrate the power of blossom.

The artists have collaborated with choirs, young film-makers and local communities to create the performances, which are supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery. Discover a Blossomise event taking place near you and experience the spectacle of blossom like never before through poetry readings and live music.

Find a Blossomise reading or performance near you

Blossomise at Market Hall, Plymouth – Saturday 20 April
This event has now passed. Experience Blossomise – a live music and poetry performance by the band LYR, supported by Choir Noir. Tickets include entry to the blossom bathing audio visual experience in the Market Hall’s 3D immersive dome.
Blossomise at Charterhouse, Coventry – Sunday 21 April
This event has now passed. Join the band LYR in the historic grounds of the Charterhouse, a former medieval monastery in Coventry. Along with live music, there will also be yoga and family-friendly craft activities available. The house will be open to explore too.
Blossomise reading at Castlefield Viaduct, Manchester – Friday 26 April
This event has now passed. Take a seat for an intimate poetry reading in Manchester’s flourishing ‘sky garden’ at Castlefield Viaduct. Poet Laureate Simon Armitage will be celebrating the arrival of spring with a reading from his new book, Blossomise. Please note this event is for over 12s only.
Blossomise at Quarry Bank, Cheshire – Saturday 27 April
This event has now sold out. Settle in for an emotive performance of music and poetry. The band LYR will be performing in Quarry Bank Mill, supported by Dawn Chorus. Explore the blossom orchard as it comes alive with colour and soak up the tranquillity of this historic place.
Blossomise at Wylam Brewery and Exhibition Park, Newcastle – Sunday 28 April
This event has now sold out. Book your ticket for Blossomise – a live music and poetry performance by the band LYR. Discover the immersive blossom bathing experience and take part in the free nature-based crafts at the Urban Green Café in the park.
Visitor photographing white blossom on a tree from their wheelchair

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An aerial shot of the band LYR walking through a blossom-filled garden with some students

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Get into the spirit of the blossom season with a selection of poems from Poet Laureate Simon Armitage's new book, Blossomise, alongside illustrations from the book by celebrated artist Angela Harding.

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