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Glow worm walk

A close up of a glow worm showing the insect and its glow
Glow worm, Figsbury Ring, Wiltshire | © National Trust Images/Rob Coleman

Is a glow worm really a worm? Why do they shine? How can an insect produce light? Learn the answers to these questions and more by joining the rangers for a nocturnal promenade and talk under the moon and stars at Figsbury Ring.

On this evening adventure, you can watch the curtain of night fall around us atop the ancient hillfort of Figsbury Ring, as we hope to meet some extraordinary creatures. Join us in twilight and listen as the rangers give a presentation about the magical glow worm, before heading out into the gradually darkening landscape to search for their charming luminescence.

Whilst they seem exotic or even fairy-tale, glow worms (Lampyris noctiluca) are a relatively common species native to the UK with a preference for grassland and woodland edges. Far away from light pollution, Figsbury Ring is an easily-accessible spot with a well-established population of glow worms.

There are two walks available and they take place on 30 June and 14 July at 21.45 - 23.00.

To find out more and to book go to Glow worm walk at Figsbury Ring, near Salisbury | National Trust