Ghosts across the pond

Dancers in the Old Hall

Washington Old Hall is set to come to life. ‘Ghosts across the Pond’, offers you the chance to enjoy dance and music throughout the ancestral home of the first president of the United States.

During ‘Ghosts across the Pond’ the whole of Washington Old Hall acts as a stage; using all the rooms and all the grounds. 
This is no ordinary performance, rather than taking your seat you'll make your way through the Hall too and watch the dancers tell the stories. 
Brought to Sunderland through the city’s partnership with Washington, DC, US dance troupe Company E are drawing on the inspiration offered by Washington Old Hall, the grounds and the history. 
The company’s five choreographers and performers will also draw on local talent to bring ‘Ghosts across the Pond’ to life. The production will be supported by performers from Sunderland College as well as Sunderland-based dancers who have auditioned to become a part of the show.
Alongside Paul Emerson and Gavin Stewart, Company E’s Robert J. Priore, Vanessa Owen and Abby Leithart are creating choreography for the supporting students and participants to perform.
Technical teams from the University of Sunderland have been working closely with Company E’s artists in the creation of the work, including collecting footage from other local sites. The use of the most innovative sound engineering and performance technologies will create sound environments which are unique to Washington Old Hall. 
There are three slots on Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October, 7pm, 7.30pm and 8pm. Please book to reserve your place by rining 0191 4166879.
Welcoming friends from overseas
Sunderland is the world’s only non-capital city to have a Friendship Agreement with Washington DC, since the Agreement was signed in 2006. The ancestral home of America’s first President George Washington is at the heart of the historical connection with the United States and dates back to 1183. 
Developed in partnership with the National Trust’s Washington Old Hall, Sunderland City Council, Sunderland College and the University of Sunderland, Company E’s ‘Ghosts Across the Pond’ project is supported by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.