The Sunderland Book Project at Washington Old Hall

A book by Jo Cunningham for the Sunderland Book Project

A little over 10 years ago, local book artist and printmaker Theresa Easton began something extraordinary, The Sunderland Book Project.

Now, The Sunderland Book Project is a collection of 65 unique hand crafted books, pamphlets, zines and comics.

But what makes it really special is that each book, or creative interpretation, had to have one theme in mind - celebrating this brilliant North East city. And it doesn’t disappoint.

From February 2018, you can visit Theresa Easton’s The Sunderland Book Project exhibition at Washington Old Hall.

Every one of the 65 pieces included in the exhibition celebrates Sunderland and its rich history through evocative storytelling, with some of the contributions coming from as far as Brazil and Canada.

Admire over 65 creations, including one by Helen Auburn at Washington Old Hall
A book by Helen Auburn for the Sunderland Book Project

You see, it’s easy to forget that Sunderland has a lot to be proud of; from seafaring to industrial heritage and glass making.

Or let’s consider its contemporary landmarks, such as the Stadium of Light, University City and the Aquatic Centre - which boasts the only 50m swimming pool between Leeds and Edinburgh.

A Journey gets you from A to B by Emma Garnham
Emma Garnham book for The Sunderland Book Project

Theresa had clear guidelines for the artists to follow before the deadline date of 1 June 2013, such as the interpretations were to be no larger than 21 x 15 x 1cm, and while the artist could choose the edition size, it must be a minimum of three. Two for the exhibition, and one for the artist to retain for their records.

This is an opportunity to browse and read other people’s views of this city. There may be some stories that are familiar to you, or you might be inspired to create a piece yourself.