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Upcoming events

Wild garlic walk

Sun 05 Apr 2020
Join us on a walk through our woods this spring and you won't fail to notice the fragrant smell of wild garlic as you stroll through.

Scavenger Hunt

Thu 09 Apr 2020
Come and explore the woods and track down nature's treasures.

Little Trackers

Thu 16 Apr 2020
Be a nature detective and join the ranger to discover who calls the Wenlock woods home.

Wild Food Foraging

Sun 26 Apr 2020
Spend the day with the Wenlock Edge Ranger team searching for wild food from Nature's larder. Based at Wilderhope Manor you will pick some edibles and have wild food lunch cooked for you.

Bat Walk

Wed 06 May 2020
Join the Ranger team for a guided evening walk and learn about the bat species on Wenlock Edge. Hot chocolate included!

Mindfulness Walk

Sun 14 Jun 2020
This is an introduction to the practise of mindfulness and forest bathing. Join the Wenlock Edge team for a morning in the forest enjoying the relaxing power of nature. There will mindfulness exercises and a walk during the session.
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Our work

Hebridean Sheep conservation grazing


Uncover the conservation work that goes on behind the scenes on Wenlock Edge.

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Get involved

Wenlock Edge volunteer rangers litter picking

Volunteering at Wenlock Edge 

There's never been a better time to get involved as a volunteer. We have an excellent team of volunteers at Wenlock Edge. Could you help preserve this fragile ancient place?

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Dormouse in nesting box

Autumn on Wenlock Edge 

Look out for creatures great and small on Wenlock Edge this Autumn.

Dormouse nestbox on Wenlock Edge

Dormouse nestbox project 

Over the last 100 years, dormouse populations in Britain have dramatically declined, mainly due to the loss and fragmentation of their habitat. This fall in numbers has led to this loveable creature to be protected nationally and internationally. Shropshire is considered to be a key county for dormice because it approaches their most north-westerly limit in Europe: here they are particularly vulnerable.

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School group work with Wenlock ranger team

Groups and educational visits 

Find out how to book a group or educational visit to Wenlock Edge.