Spooky legends at Wenlock Edge

Children enjoying Halloween at Wenlock Edge

Wenlock Edge and Wilderhope are surrounded in spooky and exciting myths and legends. One of the most well-known is the tale of Ippikin the Highwayman. There is a place on the Edge named after him called ‘Ippikin’s Rock’ which is well worth a visit: as well as being a spot with panoramic views across the Shropshire countryside, if you dare you might even meet the man himself. Here is the story of Ippikin the Highwayman:

Ippikin was said to be a cruel and merciless highwayman. With dark hair, dark eyes and a dark heart he was known for his foul looks. A particular prominent feature was his long vicious chin, which protruded from his face. He and his band of robbers would hold up carriages travelling over Wenlock Edge and would store all their stolen loot in a cave at the base of the cliff that now bears his name. Ippikin and his gang seemed to be unstoppable... until nature stepped in.

One night a huge storm hit the edge; rain poured down and the wind howled, trees snapped and lightning struck the rock above the cave where the thieves were sheltering. The rock collapsed sealing the entrance of the cave and Ippikin and his men were trapped inside.

Legend has it that if you stand on the top of Ippikin’s rock and dare to mock him by saying “Ippikin, Ippikin keep away with your long chin” his ghostly apparition will appear and throw you off the edge.