Last litter pick for the Friends

The picture shows three of the Friends of White Park Bay and their collie dog

The Friends of White Park Bay got together recently for the last litter pick of 2015.

Striking sea views and a brisk coastal breeze made the conditions perfect for operation 'Keep White Park Bay Beautiful'.

‘The beach is fairly clean at the moment however we did manage to collect 14 bags of rubbish,’ said North Coast volunteer co-ordinator, Jimmy Milliken.

Sometimes rubbish discarded from miles away can wash up at White Park Bay during storms, brought in by the tide and deposited along the shoreline. Littering and rubbish is an ongoing problem that the Friends tackle at intervals throughout the year.

As well as being unsightly, trash can also be hazardous to people and wildlife.  

‘It was disappointing to find that half way along the beach someone had – apparently, deliberately - smashed several beer bottles on a rock. These could have been very hazardous to children, dogs and the cattle had our volunteer Mel not taken the time to clean it up’.

‘I met some visitors from England who were very impressed by the spectacular beauty of White Park Bay. They wanted to say thank you to the Friends of White Park Bay for all their help in cleaning the bay. It is very heartening to know that our efforts are appreciated. Many thanks to all who have taken part in our litter picks this year.’

To join the Friends of White Park bay, email James Milliken and you will be added to the mailing list.