Things to see and do at White Park Bay

Family walking along the dunes at White Park Bay

Enjoy lazy days and long walks on this beautiful stretch of sand. Look out for wildlife on the beach and in the sea.

The stunning, sweeping sandy beach of White Park Bay is located in the small village of Ballintoy, County Antrim. The spectacular sandy beach forms a white arc between two headlands on the North Antrim Coast. Its secluded location means that even on a busy day there is plenty of room for quiet relaxation. The beach is also backed by ancient sand dunes which provide a range of rich habitats for bird and animal life. 

What to look out for?

Elephant Rock

Some stories will tell you that the Elephant Rock is in fact a woolly mammoth that tried to escape a volcanic eruption.

white park bay low tide


The landscape in and around the bay took shape between 200 million and 50 million years ago. Through faults, landslips and raised beaches, some wonderful fossils like Belemnites, Ammonites and Gryphaea have been revealed.


Life is vibrating in the dunes, from birds to butterflies and moths. Wild flowers in all colours of the rainbow are growing here and attracting bees. The dunes are also home to a big population of rabbits. Look out for dolphins or porpoises and watch the seabirds diving into the sea to catch fish.