Peter Scott, volunteer at Wightwick Manor for 50+ years

Learning & Visitor Experience co-ordinator, Wightwick Manor & Gardens

Lynn Hawthorne - Learning & Visitor Experience co-ordinator

Wightwick boasts the longest serving volunteers in the National Trust. For over 53 years, man and boy, Peter Scott has been part of the Wightwick Story.

Wightwick Manor near Wolverhampton decorated in the style of the Arts and Crafts movement

Peter Scott started coming with his mother and helped to park cars on the drive (long before their was a formal car park). He then progressed to giving tours and talking to visitors to the house and since retiring he has become a researcher in Wightwick's archive.

On an average day in the house Peter will give introductory talks to around 250 people, welcoming them to Wightwick and helping them to get around the property. ‘It’s important that visitors receive a warm and friendly welcome when they arrive,’ said Peter, ‘I then help people head in the right direction to see the rest of the house. I even gave Prince Charles a tour when he visited last year.’

In his other role, Peter spends time researching the history of Wightwick Manor and the Manders family who lived there. ‘Because we have such a complete archive at Wightwick,’ said Peter, ‘we are able to research and pull together different sources of information, helping to fill in gaps in our understanding of the history of the Manor and the Manders family who lived here. This means that we are always learning more about the place, and often busting some of the historical myths that already exist. It also helps that I can remember Sir Geoffrey and Lady Manders from their time here!’