Autumn in the garden that inspired a poet

Colourful flowers growing in the garden

Wordsworth House’s walled riverside garden was William’s secret childhood playground. It was here that he learned the love of nature that turned him into one of the world’s favourite poets.

Today, it is filled with the colours, scents and sounds of autumn. Wandering ‘lonely as a cloud’ among centuries-old varieties of flowers and herbs it isn’t hard to picture the wild child born here 250 years ago and how his ‘sweet birthplace’ inspired a lifetime of creativity.

Beneath the foliage-shrouded terrace where he and his beloved sister Dorothy used to play, the Derwent, his ‘fairest of all rivers’, gurgles by.

Heritage apples growing in the garden
Heritage apples growing in the garden with house behind
Heritage apples growing in the garden

Though the season is changing, there is still plenty of colour in the garden and flowers to keep the bees happy. The heritage apples are nearly ready, although an early frost this year meant that the crop isn’t as plentiful as 2020. Local varieties include delicious Keswick and Carlisle Codlings.