Your school’s visit to Wordsworth House

A costumed family playing skittles outside the National Trust's Wordsworth House in Cumbria

Our costumed servant guided and teacher-led sessions will give your pupils a real sense of what it was like to grow up almost 250 years ago, in the late 18th century. Or, if you prefer, you can make your visit entirely self-guided.

Guided sessions

Guided visits are available from Monday to Thursday, between 9.30am and 11am, from March to October. They consist of three sessions, one of which is teacher-led. These last between 20 and 25 minutes each.
Please choose your two guided sessions and one teacher-led from the following options:

In our working 18th-century kitchen

Key stage 1 + 2: How we used to live
What was life like in William Wordsworth’s childhood home? The children will meet the maid-of-all-work and be encouraged to think about the differences and similarities between William’s home and their own.
Key stage 2: It’s good to be green 
A version of the above session with added emphasis on recycling and being green, things the Georgians were remarkably good at.

In the children’s bedroom

Key stage 1: Child’s play
This session, led by the nursemaid, looks at sleeping, hygiene, clothes and toys in a typical Georgian home – this can include time testing the children’s bed, dressing up in replica 18th-century costume and trying out reproduction toys.
Key stage 2: Inspiring William
A more advanced version of this session including an introduction to William’s poem The Butterfly.
Key stage 2: Hardy and healthy
This session looks in greater depth at childhood and health in the late 18th century, including some very strange cures.

Elsewhere in the house and garden

Key stage 2: Secrets of the garden
Find out about the weird and wonderful plants the Wordsworths might have grown to eat and use around the house, discover some very strange cures and help the maid make a poultice.
Key stage 2: What can you sense?
This creative writing session focuses on William’s love of nature and encourages the children to use all their senses to start writing a poem of their own.

Teacher-led sessions

Teacher’s notes are provided for these unguided sessions.
Key stage 1 + 2: Every picture tells a story
Why were portraits painted when Wordsworth was a boy? What do they tell us about the people in them? Children discover the answers to these questions and have a go at drawing themselves or each other.
Key stage 1 + 2: What do you think it is?
A chance to examine and discuss some everyday objects from William’s time.
Key stage 2: The human photocopier
A session in the clerk’s office, looking at writing, postage and travel in the past, which includes a chance to write with a quill and ink.
Key stage 2: What can you sense?
A teacher-led version of the above creative writing session.


Guided visits cost £5 per child, reduced to £2.50 if your school is a National Trust Education Group Member. Self-guided visits are £2.50 per child, or free for Education Group Members.