Clumber on the War Path

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This walk will take you across the Clumber estate, with the brave men who served in The Great War 1914 - 1918.

Remember our heroes of the First World War

These are people who worked on Clumber for the Duke of Newcastle and who went away to serve during the conflict, most never returned to this beautiful park.

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Map route for Clumber on the War Path walk


National Trust Clumber Park main car park, grid ref: SK625746


Leave the Turning Yard and head towards the shop, go through the door in the wall and exit through the wooden gates to the left of the shop. Once you left this area turn right and cross the road.

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Once you have crossed the road, keep to the right hand side of it. Head up the slight incline towards the cricket pitch which will come into view as you go round the slight bend in the road.

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Keeping the cricket pitch on your right hand side head for the wooden cricket pavilion. Once you reach the pavilion walk along the path at the rear of the building and go past the practice nets. Walk alongside the road for around 165yd (150m).

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On reaching this road junction, carry straight on walking past the Garden Tea House and the Estate Office buildings on your right, this section of road is car free apart from estate vehicles.

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Carry along the road as it turns from tarmac to red shale, you walk past our event field on your right. You soon reach a log barrier in the track, walk round this and you go through a recently felled woodland. This area is being restored to a natural broadleaved woodland from a mainly commercial woodland. You soon reach a junction of tracks, take the path in front of you and walk down the hill under the power lines towards the lake. Cross the lake over the causeway and rejoin the tarmac road and bear right along it. Follow the tarmac road up the hill through the trees.

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Reaching the top of the hill turn right towards the wooden bus shelter. A short distance after this on the left is the Clumber Park War Memorial take time out to read through the names on it, and pause for thought. Once you are ready to move on head through Hardwick Village and continue towards Hardwick Grange Farm, at the bottom of the hill.

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At the bottom of the hill bear left at the junction and follow the sign pointing towards to the ford.

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Reaching the ford cross over it by taking the footbridge over the it. While you crossing over the bridge have a look for large fish patrolling the shallows in the River Poulter. Carry on along the road to the junction at the brow of the hill, on reaching this point turn right along the road.

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Walk past Cabin Hill House on your left and after 55yd (50m) you go past a green electricity substation, 55yd (50m) after this a track appears into the woodland on the right and into a woodland called Tank Wood. Follow this path for 550yd (500m) as it follows the hedge line adjoining the field. Turn left at the bottom of the hill through the trees and climb the short incline to reach the top of the dam wall. You are now on the lakeside path, keep on this path with the lake on the right as you go through a mixture of habitats along the way.

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Once you reach the ornate temple on your left continue for a further 109yd (100m) and then take the cycle path to your left. Follow this as you go through a kissing gate and take a grass path to the right after about 20 meters. Keep on this path and bear right once you reach a much heavily used path and walk down the hill passing an information board about Sherwood Forest. Cross over the heathland towards the kissing gate and go through it. Once through the gate follow the this path up the slight incline and bear left after about 33yd (30m) along the grass paths. Keeping the woodland plantation on your left you soon exit the paddock and reach Drayton road.

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Once you reach the road turn right along the road towards Clumber Bridge. This road is open to traffic please take care along it. Keep a lookout as the view across the parkland opens up looking towards the Chapel and other buildings.

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On reaching the bridge cross over it and take the left hand fork in the road and continue for 33yd (30m). Take the road that is closed with a log barrier to the left and walk round the log barrier. Continue along the road for around 550yd (500m) to reach Lime Tree Avenue.

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Once you have reached Lime Tree avenue turn a sharp right so you are walking between the 2 rows of mature trees. Keep glancing up you may spot a clump of mistletoe in the lime trees. Walking along the avenue the ages of the trees change from the larger ones planted in 1840 to the much younger trees planted in 1994 as part of the National trust centenary year. Reaching the next road junction turn sharp right and walk around the log barrier and take the left hand fork in the road. Continue along this road and on reaching the next crossroads cross straight over, be careful of road traffic at this point.

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After passing the woodland on your right the views start to open up as you reach the heart of Clumber as you are reaching your starting point. Follow the road for 220yd (200m) and as you reach the post and rail fence in front of you bear left and keep this fence on your right. You go past the toilet block on your left and you reach the café and shop in the turning yard.

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National Trust Clumber Park main car park, grid ref: SK625746

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Clumber on the War Path


Clear paths through woodland and across heathland. Some walking on roads during the route.

There are slight to moderate uphill and downhill gradients. Some of the terrain is uneven and there are no stiles to climb over, just kissing gates to pass through.

Clumber on the War Path

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Clumber on the War Path

How to get here

Clumber Park, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 3BE
By train

Worksop Station 4.5 miles (7km).

By road

4.5 miles (7km) south-east of Worksop, 6.5 miles (10.5km) south-west of Retford, 1 mile (1.5km) from A1/A57, 11 miles (18km) from M1 exit 30.

By bus

Services from Nottingham and Worksop. Alight at Carburton 2.5 miles (4km).

By bicycle

National Cycle Network Route 6 runs through Clumber between Worksop and Mansfield.

Clumber on the War Path

Facilities and access

  • Café available at the main facilities which is the starting and finishing point of this walk
  • Shop and discovery centre
  • Toilet facilities available near Hardwick village car park