Rhody ramble on Abinger Roughs

Explore the Rhody Ramble route

The Roughs' rhododendrons were planted in the late 19th century by Thomas Farrer of Abinger Hall and over the years this area has become really wild and overgrown.

We’ve been clearing and thinning and there are now secret paths twisting and turning through the bushy shrubs.

Near the picnic glade you’ll find a solitary post pointing you towards dark green, glossy, leafy shrubs – our Rhody ramble...

Step inside this dark, magical area and weave through the undergrowth and find small open glades. Sink into the squashy forest floor, littered with ‘composty’ leaves – dropped over hundreds of years. Many creatures live here – sit quietly and see what you can see and hear...

In the spring (late May) the rhododendrons will be in full bloom creating and colourful haze of purples and pinks.

Little people could get lost in the maze of rhododendrons and should always be accompanied by an adult.