The garden in winter

Alfriston Clergy House East Sussex vegetable garden with snow

In the winter the garden is stripped back to its bare bones but can still look stunning covered in a layer of frost or snow in the low winter sun.

This time of year the garden exposes the formal layout of hedges and pathways but not all the plants have gone to sleep completely as Viburnum x bodnantense and Daphne still scent the air. Down at ground level snowdrops, crocus and winter aconites are taking advantage of the mild temperatures and become the stars of the garden.


The surrounding trees, now free of leaves, reveal clearer views of the beautiful South Downs and the Cuckmere Valley.

The cuckmere at sun set
The Cuckmere at sun set

During the winter months we are busy preparing the garden for the year ahead, clearing and tidying as well as pruning roses and apple trees. It's also the time for pressure washing our hard paths to remove the algae growth.

Alfriston Clergy House in snow
Alfriston Clergy House East Sussex house in snow

In the vegetable garden we can improve the soil for the year ahead by mulching and adding organic fertilizer and then the beds are ready for planting the onion and shallot sets.

Alfriston Clergy House
Alfriston Clergy House East Sussex frosty sundial in vegetable garden