May and June garden highlights

Barrington court garden gate

May and June are wonderful months to visit the garden, everything is becoming green and verdant, full of new promise and fresh colour and scent.

Your first sight as you approach the garden will be the goose orchard, filled with apple trees slowly starting to blossom. The grass in this area will be left uncut as the summer approaches to encourage wild flowers and beneficial insects, as our apples are very important to us, a vital ingredient in our award winning ciders and juices.

First signs of apple blossom
Blossom in the goose orchard
First signs of apple blossom

Be prepared for the brightest display of wallflowers planted through the borders in the productive kitchen garden. The rhubarb, broad beans and strawberries are crops currently flourishing well and the blossom from the espaliered apples and pears is beginning to come through now too. 

Wander over the moat in to the walled flower garden, divided in to a series of ‘rooms’ and you immediately start to feel more relaxed as your senses tune in to the sights, sounds and scents all around you. All the colours at this time of year are fresh and new as the plants leaves and flowers unfurl. On a bright sunny day the colours can almost seem unreal.

Highlights to look out for include the wallflowers densely planted in the borders of the lily garden and the purple wisteria growing up the wall. The climbing roses have started to flower and there are many herbaceous plants beginning to come through as well.

In the sky you can see and hear swallows and swifts and watch as they swoop down in to the garden and on the south lawn to catch insects for their young. It really is a lovely time of year to enjoy a visit.