Jules Hudson at Barrington Court

The white Garden at Barrington

Join us in the walled garden on Wednesday 13 June from 1pm - 3pm for an exclusive book signing with author, archaeologist and television presenter, Jules Hudson.

For centuries, walled gardens have been successful systems for providing fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers and other produce for large country houses.

Beginning as primitive vegetable patches, over time walled gardens became desirable status symbols and centres for horticultural knowledge.

During the twentieth century walled gardens began to struggle due to other methods for growing produce overtaking in popularity and advanced mass production. As a result, many were abandoned and so were the skills and expertise used to keep them.  

However, in contemporary society we are re-establishing the importance of these ingenious, horticultural structures and today we celebrate the revival of magnificent walled gardens, as we once again appreciate their true value and infrastructure. 

The Lily pond statue
The Lily pond statue
The Lily pond statue

Jules Hudson brings his infectious enthusiasm for gardens and social history to this beautifully illustrated book. Working with a rich and colourful cast of gardeners and owners, he discovers the features that define our greatest walled kitchen gardens, providing an invaluable template for those many other examples that still await restoration.

The book is available to purchase in the shop (subject to availability) and Jules will be signing copies in Barrington Court's very own walled garden.

By visiting us, you're directly supporting the garden's development and vital, ongoing conservation work across Barrington Court. Thank you.