Springtime trail

Barrington Court running girls

Discover a mindful springtime trail that will take you all around the garden and grounds. 26 March till the 6 April, 11am-4pm.

Who will be the first one to spot a daffodil this year at Barrington Court? Pull on your walking boots and reconnect with nature this spring. Pick up your trail leaflet from visitor reception and set off to discover the beauty of the first signs of spring. Spot lots of wildlife and relax whilst enjoying the vast diversity of life beginning to waken inside the garden. 

Den building at Barrington Court

What shape will your den be? Will it be round and low to the ground or tall and point to the sky? See how inventive you can be with sticks, twigs and logs, in our woods.  26 March and 6 April, 11am-3pm £2.