Summer at Barrington Court

Barrington Court running girls

The flower gardens are truly glorious, the South Lawn is a swathe of emerald green grass set against rolling Somerset countryside and the traditional orchards are full of wild plants and emerging fruit. If you’re making the most of the warm weather, it’s all here for you to dip into – in your own time and your own way.

Discover Barrington Court
There’s lots of safe beautiful space where you can play a game with friends and family, or stroll through the orchards and grounds, spotting the swallows swifts and many other birds that love it here.  You could spend the day, bring a book (or find one in our fabulous second hand book barn) and relax in a deckchair on the lawn or seek out the rustic tree swing in the East Orchard.

Whilst exploring the garden and grounds the self-led ‘Care for Barrington’ sundial trail will teach you all about ‘wildlife in the walls’ and ‘tree giants’.  You can pick up your sundial in reception.

50 things
The orchard is a great place to do some of the ‘50’ things activities too; like bird spotting, bug hunting, collecting fallen leaves or making a daisy chain. If you don’t already have a 50 things scrap book, just pop into visitor reception (in the car park) and pick one up.  This is also where you collect your stickers to mark the activities you’ve completed.

Crafty times
After hours of running around in the sunshine take shade and get crafty in our Artisan Workshops. You can Play with Clay and take your creations home with you, paint a hand-cut summer decoration or try your hand at making a simple willow shape.  Our skilled volunteer can show you can to make a dreamcatcher, dragonfly or decorative summer wreath.

A family playing at Barrington Court
A family playing at Barrington Court
A family playing at Barrington Court

For every bear there ever was
You can join in the Tedddy Bear's picnic this summer on the sweeping south lawn - the perfect spot for sharing a sandwaich with your favourite bear.

Too hot or too wet – escape the weather and become a detective
There’s a brand new trail to have a go at in the house.   Whether you’re 9, or 99 - you can be a deterioration detective this summer and find out all about the evil agents of deterioration and how to fight them.  You’ll discover the ideal home for creepy bugs, what makes dust so dangerous and what human marmite actually is!

Ready, steady, paint
Take inspiration from Barrington’s beautiful garden to create your own work of art with Paint the Garden.  Collect your painting materials and experiment to find your unique artistic style.

Bringing your wheels
If you love riding your scooters, tricycles and bikes the best place would be the Avenue. The garden paths and lawns are fragile and narrow in places and you can help us conserve them by keeping wheels away.  If in doubt, please check at reception where you can ride.