Barrington Court’s spring garden

Spring flowers at Barrington Court

Many cheery spring sights will greet you upon arrival at Barrington, such as the dense clumps of sunshine yellow daffodils that line the avenue and pepper the orchards.

As you journey around Barrington Court there are spring flowers to be seen everywhere you turn.  Primroses, snowdrops, crocuses, scillas, aconites, quince blossom and the giant fritillaria imperialis are just a few of the beautiful plants that will be coming in flower.  The tulips in the White garden will be standing tall and there are jewels of colour clinging to the stonework as well, as the wallflowers are starting to bloom.  

The Kitchen garden, which has been producing fresh fruit and vegetables for the estate since the 1920s, will be waking from its winter slumber.  The spring sees the rhubarb pushing through and it will feature on the restaurant’s menu when it does.  As well as pulling the bright pink stems of rhubarb, the gardening team will be preparing the ground for this year’s crops.

Rhubarb growing in the kitchen garden
Rhubarb growing in the kitchen garden
Rhubarb growing in the kitchen garden

A bridge leads you over the moat and through a carved and weathered oak door to the beautiful walled garden. The spaces here are arranged as a series of connected individual garden 'rooms', each with its own theme. The rose and iris garden will be a focus of attention for the gardening team this season, as they replant the irises.

There is a sense of space and freedom on sweeping south lawn beside the Court house, where you can enjoy a picnic and take in the views of the parkland while making use of the traditional lawn games.  Butterflies, bees, spotted woodpeckers and mistle thrush can all be seen in the garden and grounds, and spring lambs can be spotted in the surrounding fields.

" Infinite numbers, delicacies, smells with hues on hue expression cannot paint, the breath of nature and her endless bloom. "
- From the poem, Spring Flowers, by James Thomson (1700 – 1748)