Wildlife focus this May half term

Children wildlife watching

As well as the amazing flower filled gardens, there’s lots of safe outdoor space here at Barrington, and we’re celebrating the rich diversity of wildlife all around us during May half term week and getting to know more about it, with our friends from other specialist charities and organisations.

From Tuesday 30 May until Thursday 1 June there will be all kinds of wildlife themed activities to do, with some of our friends from organisations such as: the Somerset Wildlife Trust, the Butterfly Conservation Trust, the British Trust for Ornithology, the Gardening for Wildlife Group and Secret World.

Our wildlife days are great fun, there will be lots of hands on activities, crafts, puzzles and artefacts, maybe even a few living exhibits and you may also be able to join in with a bumble bee safari, or the moth trapping and monitoring. The gardeners will have put lots of labels in the borders pointing out the plants that are bee and butterfly friendly, and there’s sure to be plenty of these lovely beneficial insects out for you to spot too. All the sessions are run on a drop in basis, with a changing selection of activities, check out the blackboard on the lawn each day for what’s happening.

The distinctive six-spot burnet is one of the easier moths to identify
A six-spot burnet moth, with its vivid red spotted wings, sitting on a pale pink flower
The distinctive six-spot burnet is one of the easier moths to identify

If you like making things, we have a day of willow weaving on Wednesday 31 May, our expert volunteer Carol will show you some basic techniques and how to make  a nest, dream catcher or willow crown to embellish and take home.

On Friday 2 June, there will be a wonderful afternoon of Falconry displays with informative commentary, where you can see these spectacular birds of prey in full flight against the luscious Somerset countryside.  There will also be chance to see some of the birds up close and talk to their expert handlers and find out more about them.