Come fly your kite on Bembridge and Culver Downs

It is often nice and windy on top of Bembridge and Culver Downs on the Isle of Wight – which is good news for kite fliers...

The best place to fly your kite is on the top of the Down near the car parks close to Bembridge Fort. There are some gently sloping wide open spaces next to the car parks, and the views over Sandown Bay are terrific. Gliders regularly fly high over these downs from the nearby Bembridge airport because of the rising air currents, and that's the reason why kite flying is particularly good here. 
Fly safely and have fun
Kite festival
The 'Up and Down kite festival' was held on our land here on a warm sunny afternoon in September 2012 and it was perfect weather for flying and displaying kites. The images come from that festival. Almost 200 colourful kites filled the skies and more than 2,000 people came along to take part or watch. The kites varied hugely in size and shape, and even included an inflatable horse.
Kites,flags, tents – and Yarborough Monument in the distance
A colourful array of flags and tents and kites at the kite festival of 2012 at Bembridge
Kites,flags, tents – and Yarborough Monument in the distance

There was a maximum flying height rule of 30m at the festival, because of the local gliding club. Kite-making workshops were held and there were displays from professional kite artists, but there was a dedicated area for people to fly their own kites too so there was something for everyone.