Things to see and do at Bembridge and Culver Downs

The chalk Culver Cliffs rise up behind Yaverland beach

The landscape surrounding Bembridge and Culver Downs is a wonderful place to get closer to nature. Whether you're cycling, walking the dog, or taking a look at our local wildlife, enjoy stunning sea views and relax and unwind as you walk our chalk downland.

Walk over the downs, take in the view

Experience dramatic chalk cliffs with acres of open downland and sweeping coastal views both to the south over Sandown and Shanklin, and to the north over Bembridge Harbour to the Solent and the Spinnaker Tower at Portsmouth

Dramatic sandstone and chalk cliffs

Culver Down is the eastern end of the chalk ridge that forms the backbone of the Isle of Wight, with The Needles at its west, the adjoining Redcliff is sandstone. Explore this area and learn what a superb habitat it provides for many types of wildlife.

A fine military vantage point

From Bembridge Fort in Napoleon's time to the Second World War, Bembridge and Culver Downs have been used for military purposes. Coastguard cottages still remain, but can you spot the remnants of one of Britain's first radar stations?

Walk your dog on the Downs

With plenty of car parks and views on all sides, there is plenty of countryside for dogs and their owners to walk on the top of Bembridge and Culver Downs.

Take a walk with us

With extensive views across the Solent to Portsmouth and along to West Sussex, and over Sandown Bay in the other direction, the chalk of Bembridge and Culver Downs make for ideal walking country.
We have created two walking trails for you to follow:
The Isle of Wight simply has lots to offer walkers - come walking with us

Bring a picnic

Park your car near Bembridge Fort and picnic near the topograph, which points out all the places of interest. Or drive further along to Culver Battery and have a picnic watching the ships at the entrance to the Solent. This must be one of the best picnic locations on the island, but there are more to discover.
Other good places to picnic on the Isle of Wight

Watch the birds

Bembridge and Culver Downs offer excellent opportunities for watching sea-birds hug the coast, and for birds such as kestrels and peregrines that hunt along the cliffs.
Across the island we have many good bird locations

Spot the butterflies

The chalk soils of Bembridge and Culver Downs provide an ideal habitat for a number of blue butterflies: the chalkhill, common, small and Adonis blues.
The Isle of Wight is especially good for butterfly enthusiasts

On your knees

Bembridge and Culver Downs show the flower-rich profusion of unimproved chalk grassland, and at certain times of year the downs are covered in yellow from bird's foot trefoil.
Identify other wildflowers with us around the island

Uncover history

With the Yarborough Monument, Bembridge Fort and a whole host of structures dating to the Second World War, there is much to fascinate those with an interest in relatively recent history.
Elsewhere, the Isle of Wight has many interesting things to see - see what our other sites have to offer.