Batty about bats at Beningbrough

A Daubenton's bat

Small but mighty, the bat is a truly fascinating creature. You might have been lucky enough to spot a Beningbrough bat on one of our guided dusk time walks or perhaps you’re just batty about bats. Either way, read on and learn more about this special protected species and the pivotal role it plays within our ecosystem.

Playing home to five different species of bat, Beningbrough with its wooded parkland full of mature trees and grassland is an irresistible destination for the local bat population. From the common and soprano pipistrelles, noctule, Daubenton’s bat and brown long-eared bat; Beningbrough is home to five different bat species, each unique in its own way.

" Our big country houses and their stable blocks provided the perfect environment for bat roosts, warm enough and private for breeding. We have a special responsibility within the UK and Europe for the care of the bat population. "
- Dr. David J. Bullock, Head of Nature Conservation at the National Trust

With the UK bat population sadly in decline, its status as a protected species is vital to help ensure its continued survival.   

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