A day in the life of Nell, a rangers dog

South Downs, Managing our downland landscape South Downs Managing our downland landscape
Gorse flowering at Birling Gap

Hello my name is Nell and I am a ranger’s dog. A dog’s life is very enjoyable when your owner is a ranger. For a start you are able to go to work where there is 3000 acres to help manage. That’s a lot of space to run, fetch balls or spin buoys around. in.

The morning starts with a friendly greeting to everyone in the office. With my tail wagging and a wet nose I give a great welcome for the humans. In the office there’s a bed under the desks and a bowl of water. Ears are pricked waiting for any sign of going out outside, this is always followed by a bark of joy.

Jump up into the truck and away i go to the first job of the day. Today the humans are moving a load of chalk by shovel, fantastic I get to chase every shovel load. 
Eventually I end up covered in chalk dust and looking very ghostly and white. Once the chalk is in the barrow away I nip at the tire to encourage it onwards.

Back to the office for the humans lunch means that I can swing a buoy around until I am to dizzy. It’s OK, I love it but a quick drink then a lie down will soon be needed.

Today I am joined by Roger who’s a very friendly but hungry dog... people keep your lunch boxes shut! Roger and I have a competition to see who can get more cuddles, I think I win but it is close. If I am lucky I will get a quick walk on the beach and bark at the gulls before it gets dark